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Viktor Rydberg's Investigations into Germanic Mythology Volume II  : Part 2: Germanic Mythology
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


gaman-vsa, f. a humorous verse
-yri, n pl. jesting talk.
gamban-reii, f. great wrath;
-sumbl, n. great banquet;
-teinn, m. a kind of magic staff.
gambr (gen. -rs), m. a kind of bird.
gambra, (a), v. to brag, bluster.
gamlar, pp. stricken in years.
gammi, m. hut of a Finn.
gammr (-s, -ar), m. vulture.
gamna (a) v. to divert, amuse (g. e-m me sgum).
gan, n. frenzy, frantic gestures.
gana (-da), v. (1) to gape, show a fissure; g. e-t, to gape for or after (g. rn); (2) to rush (g. at e-m); (3) to gaze, stare.
gandr (-s, -ar), m. magic staff; renna gndum, to ride a witch-ride.
gand-rei, f. witch-ride.
ganga, (geng; gekk, gengum; genginn), v. (1) to walk (rei jarl, en Karkr gekk); (2) to go; g. heim, to go home; g. braut, to go away; g. til hvlu, to go to bed; g. skip, to go on board; g. af skipi, to go ashore; with infin., g. sofa or at sofa, to go to sleep; g. at eiga konu, to marry a woman; (3) to go about grazing, to graze (klfrinn gekk tni um sumarit); (4) of a ship, to run, sail (gekk skipit brtt t haf); (5) to stretch out, extend, project (nes mikit gekk s t); (6) of report, tales, to be current (litlar sgur megu g. af hesti mnum); (7) to prevail; gekk aan af Englandi Valska, thereafter the French tongue prevailed in E.; (8) of money, to be current (peningar eir, sem n ganga); of laws, to be valid (au lg, er gengu Uppsalaingi); of sickness, plague, famine, to rage ( gekk land-farstt, drepstt, hallri); (9) to go on, last (gnustu saman vpnin, ok gekk at um hr); impers., gekk vi lengi, so it went on for a long while; (10) lta g. e-t, to let go on; lta hggin g., to rain blows; Birkibeinar ltu g. lrana, blew the trumpets vigorously; (11) to succeed; ef at gengr eigi, if that will not do; impers., sv ykt, at eim gekk ar eigi at fara, so close, that they could not go on there; eim gekk ekki fyrir nesit, they could not clear the ness; (12) to turn out, go in a specified way; g. andris, to go all wrong; mart gengr verr en varir, many a thing goes worse than is looked for; gekk eim ltt atsknin, they made little progress with the attack; impers., e-m gengr vel (illa), one fares (goes on, gets on) well (badly); (13) with acc., g. e-n bak, to force one to go backwards (harm gengr bjninn bak); (14) with dat., to discharge (gekk hann bli); (15) with preps. and adverbs; g. af e-u, to depart from, leave ( gekk af honum mrinn); g. af vitinu, to go out of one's wits; g. af tr sinni, to apostatize; to pass (san gengu af pskarnir); to go off (gekk egar af hfuit); to be left as surplus (at er af skuldinni gekk); n gengr honum hey af, now he has some hay left; g. af sr, to go to extremities, to go beyond oneself (mjk ganga eir fstbrr n af s); g. aptr, to revert (return) to the former proprietor (san gengu au lnd aptr undir rna); to be void, annulled ( skal kaup aptr g.); of a ghost, to wall, again; of a door, to close, shut (gekk eigi aptr hurin); g. at e-m, to attack one; g. at e-u, to agree to, accept a choice or offer (Flosi gekk fljtt at essu llu); to fit (skaltu f mr lukla , sem ganga at kistum yrum); g. e-t, to encroach upon (g. rki e-s); to break (g. or sn, eia, gri, sttir, trygir); to pierce, penetrate; hann var panzara, er ekki gekk , that was proof against any weapons; g. vald e-s or e-m, g. hnd (hendr) e-m, to submit to, give oneself up to, surrender to one; g. bak e-u, to contravene; g. eptir e-u, to go for, go to fetch (gngum heim eptir verinu); to pursue, claim; g. eptir, to prove true, be fulfilled (etta gekk allt eptir, sem M. sagi fyrir); g. fr e-u, to part with, lose (sumir munu g. fr llu fnu); g. fram, to step forward; g. fram vel, to go forward bravely, in a battle; to come to pass, come into

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