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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


gage; (5) victory; hafa (f) g., to have (gain) the victory; (6) pl. ggn, proofs, evidence.
gagna, (a), v. to be of use to one (gagna e-m) or for something; refl., gagnast, to avail, be of use.
gagn-auigr, a. very productive (of land); well stored (b gagnauigt).
gagn-dagar, see 'gangdagar'.
gagn-dyrt, a. n. with doors opposite one another.
gagn-friligr, -frr, a. penetrable, penetrating.
gagn-grt, a. n., only in the phrase, gagn-grt, straight.
gagn-hollr, a. mutually kind.
gagn-hrddr, a. much frightened.
gagn-kvo, f. counter-summons.
gagn-lauss, a. useless, of no use (hann var g. flestum mnnum).
gagn-lei, gagn-leii, n. short cut.
gagn-mli, n. gainsaying.
gagn-orr, a. speaking to the point, hitting the mark.
gagn-samligr, a. useful, profitable;
-samr, a. beneficent, kind, hospitable (-samr vi menn);
f. hospitality, readiness to help.
gagn-snn, pp. = gagn-sr.
gagn-skorinn, pp. (1) cut through; (2) carved all over.
gagns-mar, m. useful (beneficent) man;
-munir, m. pl. useful things; veita e-m gagns-muni, to help one.
gagn-staa, f. resistance;
-staligr, a. contrary, opposed to (e-u).
gagn-stigr, m. short cut.
gagn-stligr, a. = gagn-staligr.
gagnstu-flokkr, m. adverse party;
-mar, m. adversary, opponent.
gagn-sr, a. transparent (glerit er gagn-stt).
gagn-sk, f. counter-action, countercharge.
gagn-tak, n. saddle-strap.
gagn-vart, prep. with dat. and adv., over against (sitja gagn-vart e-m).
gagn-vegr, m. short cut, = gagn-lei.
gagn-vert, prep. with dat. and adv., over against (sitja gagn-vart e-m).
gagn-vnligr, a. profitable.
gala (gel; gl, glum; galinn), v. (1) to crow (of a cock), cry, scream; (2) to sing, chant; g. galdra yfir e-m, to chant magic songs over one; afl gl hann sum, he chanted strength into the sir.
gal, n. screaming, howling.
galdr (gen. -rs, pl. -rar), m. (1) magic song, charm (gala, kvea galdra yfir e-m); (2) pl. witchcraft, sorcery (galdrar ok grningar).
galdra-bk, n. book of magic.
-fullr, a. full of sorcery;
-hri, f. magic storm;
-kind, f. foul witch;
-kona, f. witch, sorceress;
-list, f. magic art;
-lti, n. pl. magical mummeries;
-mar, m. wizard;
-raumr, m. great sorcerer;
-smir, m. sorcerer.
galdr-ligr, a. magical.
galei (pl. galeir and galeiir), f. galley.
galinn, pp. (1) enchanted; (2) mad, frantic (fru galnir sem hundar).
gall, n. gall, bile; sour drink.
galla-lauss, a. faultless.
gall-beiskr, a. bitter as gall;
-blandinn, pp. mixed with gall.
gall-harr, a. hard as stone.
galli, m. defect, fault, flaw.
galti, m. boar, hog, = gltr).
gamall, (gmul, gamalt), a. (1) old; gamals aldri, in his old age; opt er gott at er gamlir kvea, old men's sayings are often good; (2) old, aged, of a certain age; hve g. mar ertu, how old art thou? tlf vetra (gen.) g., twelve years old.
gamal-ligr, a. elderly;
-menni, n. old man;
-rar, m. pl. dotage from old age;
-rr, a. in dotage.
gaman (dat. gamni), n. game, sport, pleasure, amusement; mr ykkir g. at e-u, I am amused by it; henda (sr) g. at e-u, to make game of; jtni at gamni, to the deight of the giant; taka undir gamni, to respond in jest; hafa e-t til gamans, to amuse oneself with.
gaman-leikr, m. game, amusement;
-ml, n. merry talk, joking;
-rnar, f. pl. joyful conversation;
-ra, f. = gaman-ml;
-samligr, a. amusing;
-samr, a. merry, jocose.
gamans-fer, f. pleasure trip
-fundr, m. merry-making.

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