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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


execution (skal ess ba, er etta gengr fram); to increase (f Hall gerar gekk fram ok gorist allmikit); to depart this life (H. bndi gengr fram til frnda sinna); g. fyrir e-n, to present oneself before one (g. fyrir konung); g. fyrir e-u, to take charge of, manage (var ar mart flk, en hsbndi gekk sv fyrir, at ekkert skorti); to yield to, be swayed by (hann gekk fyrir fortlum hennar); g. gegn e-m, to set oneself against one; g. gegn e-u, to confess, acknowledge; mar gengr gegn, at braut kvest tekit hafa, the man confessed and said that he had taken it away; g. ml, to undertake a case; g. me e-m (of a woman), to marry; g. me barni, to be with child; g. me buri (of animals), to be with young; g. me e-u, to assist in, plead (g. me mli, bnori); g. milli ( m., m.), to go between, intercede; g. mti ( m., m.) e-m, to go to meet one; g. mti e-u, to resist, oppose; to confess, = g. gegn, g. vi e-u; g. nr e-m, to be troublesome to one (tti hn rit nr g. rgeri); g. e-m nr, to approach, come near to one (s hefir brott komizt, er nst gekk Gunnari um alla hluti); g. saman, to marry; of an agreement, bargain, to be brought about; saman gekk kaupit me eim, they came to a bargain; g. sundr ( s.), to go asunder, part; g. til, to go up to a thing (gangit til ok hyggit at); of the wind, to veer (verit gekk til tsurs); e-m gengr e-t til e-s, one has some reason for doing a thing; en at gekk mr til ess (that was my reason), at ek ann r eigi; hversu hefir ykkr til gengit, how have you fared? Loka gekk ltt til, it fared ill with L.; g. um e-t, to go about a thing; g. um beina, to wait upon guests; g. um sttir, to go between, as peacemaker; g. um e-n, to befall, happen to one (ess, er um margan gengr guma); of the wind, to go round, veer (gekk um verit ok styrmdi at eim); to manage (fkk hn sv um gengit, at); g. undan, to escape to absent oneself; g. undir e-t, to take upon oneself, undertake (a duty); g. undir e-n, to subject onelf to; g. upp, to be wasted (of money); to get loose, to he torn loose (eir glmdu sv at upp gengu stokkar allir hsinu); of a storm, gale, to get up, rise (ver gekk upp); of an icebound river, in var gengin upp, swollen with ice; g. vi staf, to walk with a stick; g. vi e-u or e-t, to avow; g. yfir e-t, to go beyond, disregard (hann vildi eigi g. yfir at, er hann vissi rttast); g. yfir e-n, to overcome, to befall, happen to one; slkt sem yfir hefir gengit, all that has happened; eitt skal yfir okkr g., we shall share one fate; (16) refl., gangast, to be altered, to change, of tradition (g. munni); lta e-t g., to waive, give up; e-m gengst hugr vi, is moved to compassion by something ( gekst orgerdi hugr vi harmatlur hans); gangast at, to engage in a fight (eir gengust at lengi); g. , to be set off against one another ( gengust vgin hskarlanna); to dash against one another; gengust eiar, the oaths were broken; g. nr, to come to close quarters; g. vi, to gain strength: r en vi gengist hans bn, before his prayer should be fulfilled; E. hafi mikit vi gengizt um menntir, E. had much improved himself in good breeding.
ganga, f. (1) walking (hann mddist gngu); vera gngu, to be on foot, to walk; (2) course (g. tungls, vinds).
gangandi, m. wayfarer.
gangdaga-vika, f. Rogation week;
-ing, n. an assembly held during Rogation week.
gang-dagar, m. pl. Rogation days, 'Gang days';
-fri, n. the condition of the roads; illt (gott) gangfri, bad (good) walking;
-prr, a. with stately gait.
gangr (gen. gangs), m. (1) walking (vera gangi); motion, activity of any kind ( var hvert jrn gangi); (2) pace, pacing (temja hesta vi gang ok hlaup); (3) course (g. himintungla); (4) prevailing, being in vogue; hafa

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