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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


fullting, n. help, assistance.
fulitingja (-da, -dr), v. to lend help, assist, with dat.
full-tri, m. one in whom one puts full confidence, patron (deity);
-tja (-ta), v. = -tingja;
-vaxta, a. indecl. full-grown;
-vegit, pp. n. having slain enough;
-vel, adv. full well;
-viri, n. full price;
-roskar, pp. full-grown, grown to full strength;
-urr, a. fully dry.
fundning, f. finding.
(-ar, -ir), m. (1) finding, discovery (fundr fjrins, f. islands); (2) meeting; fara, koma fund e-s, til fundar vi e-n, to go to visit, or have talk, with, one; (3) fight, battle.
fund-vss, a. quick to find.
funi, m. flame (f. kveikist af funa).
fura, f. fir, fir-tree.
fura, (-a), v. (1) to wonder; (2) to forebode, with dat.; illu mun f., ef, it will bode ill, if.
fura, f. (1) foreboding, omen; gs (ills) f., good (bad) omen; (2) strange (wonderful) thing; ekki er etra nein f., 'tis nothing strange.
furu-, in compound's, very, wonderfully;
-djarfr, a. very insolent
-heimskr, a. very foolish;
-liga, adv. very, exceedingly (-liga hr, mikill, vel);
-ligr, a. wonderful, marvellous;
-sterkr, a. very strong;
-vel, adv. wonderfully well.
furu-kvistr, m. fir bough.
fussum, interj. fie, with dat.
fustan, n. fustian (for. word).
finn, a. rotten, decayed.
flga, f. fee paid for alimentation.
flgu-fall, n. forfeit the alimentation fee;
-f, n. sheep or cattle put out to fodder;
-fnar, m. sheep or cattle put out to fodder;
-matr, m. boarder, one boarded out.
fll, a. (1) foul, stinking; flt egg, a rotten egg; (2) fig. foul, mean.
fl-leitr, a. of foul appearance;
-liga, adv. meanly;
-mannligr, a. mean, paltry;
-mennska, f. paltriness, baseness.
flna (a), v. to become stinking.
fl-yri. n. pl. foul language.
fna (a), v. to rot, decay.
frr (gen. frs), m. fire (poet).
fs-liga, adv. willingly.
fss, a. willing, eager (f. e-s or til e-s; f. at fara, etc.); absol., f. (willing) vil ek mna hamingju til leggja.
fygla (-da, -t), v. to catch fowl.
fyl (gen. pl. -ja), n. foal or filly.
fylg, f. (1) following, guidance; (2) support, help, backing; (3) party, followers; body-guard (of kings and princes); halda fylg, to wait upon the king.
fylgar-lauss, a. without attendants, alone;
-mar, m. follower, attendant.
fylgi, n. following, support; auka sr f., to win followers.
fylgi-kona, f. concubine, mistress.
fylginn, a. attached to (f. e-m).
fylgi-samr, a. = fylginn.
fylgja (-a, -t), v. (1) to accompany, help, with dat.; f. e-m at, f. e-s mlum, to side with one, take one's part; (2) to lead, guide one (yr var fylgt kornhlu eina); (3) to pursue (f. fast flttamnnum); (4) to follow, be about one (konungr lt sveininn f. mur sinni); (5) to follow, observe (f. e-s rom, f. hirsium); (6) to belong, or pertain to (segl ok reii er fylgu skipinu); (7) lta f., to add; at lt hann f., at, he added that; (8) refl., fylgjast, to follow one another; fig. to hold together (hann ba sna menn f. vel, hold well together).
fylgja, f. (1) guidance (beia e-n fylgju); (2) female guardian spirit; attendant spirit in animal form ( munt vera feigr mar ok muntu hafa st fylgju na).
fylgjandi (pl. -jendr), m. follower.
fylgjari, m. = fylgjandi.
fylgju-engill, m. guardian angel;
-kona, f. (1) = fylgja (2); (2) = fylgikona;
-lag, n. concubinage;
-samr, a. = fylgisamr.
fylgsni, n. hiding-place.
fylja, f. filly.
fylki (gen. pl. fylkja), n. (1) district, county, shire, in Norway (at er f. kallat, er gra m af tlf skip); (2) battalion, host (in battle).
fylking (pl. -ar), f. (1) battle array; (2) host, legion.

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