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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


acknowledge one is a kinsman; var g -semi me eim), there was good fellowship between them, they lived on good terms as kinsmen.
frndsemis-spell, n. breech of kinship, incest;
-tala f. tracing of kinship; vera -tlu vi e-n, to be of kinship with one.
frnd-skar, n. loss of a kinsman;
-strr, a. having, great kinsmen;
-sveinn, m. young kinsman;
-sveit, f. body of kinsmen;
-vg, n. slaying of a kinsman.
frr, a. yielding fruit, = frjr.
frs, f. hissing ( gerir f. mikla).
frva (a), v. to fertilize.
fra (-dd, -ddr), v. to teach.
fri, f. and n. (1) knowledge, learning, lore; sumum frum, in some old records (poems); (2) charms, spells (au kvu ar fri sn, en at vru galdrar).
fri-bkr, f. pl. books of knowledge;
-fsi, f. love of knowledge;
-mar, m. learned man, scholar, historian;
-nm, -nmi, n. acquisition of knowledge, learning, studying.
frki-liga, adv. valiantly.
frkinn, and frkn, a. valiant, brave;
frk-leikr and frkn-leikr, m. valour, bravery, prowess.
frkn-liga, adv. = frkiliga;
-ligr, a. valiant-looking, brave.
fugl (-s, -ar), m. bird (fr hann sv hart sem f. flygi); hafa f. af landi, to meet with land-birds, to be near land.
fugla-drp, n. bird-killing;
-drit, n. bird's dung;
-kippa, f. bundle of fowls;
-li n. flock of birds.
fuglari, m. fowler, bird-catcher.
fugla-sngr, m. singing of birds;
-veir, f. bird-catching.
fugl-berg, n. fowling-cliff;
fugl-heill, f. augury;
-veir, f. = fuglaveir;
-ver, n. fowling-place;
-fa f. knoll on which birds sit.
full, n. the fill of a drinking-vessel, a toast (dins-full, etc.).
full-, in compds. fully, quite, amply;
-bakar, pp. full-baked;
-bora, a. indecl. with bulwarks of full height (of a ship);
-bli, n. full provision for a house;
-ferma (-da, -dr), v. to load full;
-frgr, a. full famous;
-gamall, a. very old;
-gr, a. quite good
-gra, (-a, -r), to fulfil, complete. perform;
-grla (-grva), adv. quite, fully;
-grr, pp. fully done;
-hugi, m. dauntless man, hero;
-hyggja (see hyggja), v. to love dearly;
-illa, adv. very badly;
-keyptr, pp. bought full dearly;
-kominn, pp. perfect; -kominn at aldi, full grown;
-komliga, adv. fully;
-kosta, a. indecl. fully matched (of man and wife);
-kvni, a. well married;
-launar, pp. fully rewarded;
-leiksa, a. indecl. quite enough to do (hafa -leiksa);
-lia, a. indecl. having men (troops) enough;
-malinn, pp. fully ground;
-mikill, a. full great.
fullna (a), v. to fulfil, finish.
fullnar (gen. -ar), m. fulfilment; hafa fullna r mli, to obtain one's full claim (in a suit).
full-numi, a. having learnt fully, become an adept in a thing (-numi gldrum);
-ngja (-a, t), v. to be sufficieni, to suffice;
-orinn, pp. full-grown, of age.
fullr, a. (1) full of (e-s or af e-u); f. upp úlfúðar, full of savageness; f. eitri (dat.), full of poison; (2) full, complete, entire; full vissa, full certainty; soekja mil til fullra, laga, to the full extent of the law; halda til fulls vi e-n, to stand on one's full right against another; hafa fullara hlut, to get the better of it; at fullu, til fulls, fully, thorougly.
full-ra, a. indecl. fully resolved;
-rtti, n. a gross insult for which full atonement is due;
-rninn, a. fully wise;
-ri, n. (1) full efficiency; (2) full match;
-rtt, pp. n. enough spoken of;
-rskr, a. in full strength;
-sekta (a), v. to make one a full outlaw;
-skria, a. indecl. at full speed;
-spakr, a. full wine;
-steiktr, pp. fully roasted;
-sla, f. wealth, bliss; -sla fjr, great wealth;
-sll, a. blissful;
-sfr, pp. quite dead;
-smdr, pp. fully honoured;
-tekinn , pp. -tekinn karl, a full champion;
-ta, a. indecl. full-grown; full-ta aldr, full age.

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