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Viktor Rydberg's Investigations into Germanic Mythology Volume II  : Part 2: Germanic Mythology
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


frj-ligr, a. fruitfull;
frjr (frj, frjtt), a. fertile.
frjsa (frs; fraus, frusum; frosinn; also freri or frri, frerinn or frrinn), v. to freeze, esp. impers., fraus um hann klin (acc.), the clothes froze on his body; fraus inni skip (acc.) Erlings, Erling's ships were frozen in; ver var kalt ok frjsanda, cold and frosty; frss haf allt optliga vetrum, the whole sea often freezes in winter.
fr-samr, a. fertile;
-semd, f. fertility, truthfulness.
froa, f. froth (= frau).
froskr (-s, -ar), m. frog.
frost, n. frost; f. var vers, it was frosty weather; in pl., frost mikil ok kuldar, much frost and cold; frost ok snjar, frost and snow.
frosta (a), v. impers. to freeze, = frysta (hvert haust, er f. tk).
frosta-vetr, m. frosty winter.
frost-viri, n. frosty weather.
fr f. relief (from pain), comfort.
fra (a), v. to relieve, with acc.
fran, f. relief, = fr.
fr-gejar, -hugar, a. wise-minded, wise;
-leikr, m. (1) knowledge, information; (2) magic, witchcraft;
-liga, adv. sensibly; eigi frliga, foolishly;
-ligr, a. sensible.
frr, a. knowing, learned, well-informed (hn var fr at mrgu); frar bkr, instructive books.
fri, m. relief, = fr.
frn, n. poet. land, country.
frum-burr, m. the first-born, first child;
-ferill, m. one making a first visit;
-frn, f. first-fruit;
-gefinn, pp. first-born;
-getnar, -getningr, m. = -burr;
-ggn, n. pl. the main proofs;
-hending, f. the foremost rhyming syllable in a line;
-hlaup, n. personal assault;
-kvei, m. originator;
-kvir, m. the first verdict;
-sm, f. first attempt (in any art);
-sk, f. original cause;
-tign, f. the highest dignity;
-ungr, a. very young;
-vaxta, a. indecl. in one's Prime;
-vttr, m. the first, original witness;
-verr, m. first husband.
fr (gen. fr, pl. frr), f. mistress, lady (= freyja).
fryg, f. blossoming, excellence.
frysta (-ti, -t), v. to freeze.
frja (fr, fra, frt), v. (1) to defy, taunt (hn fri honum me mrgum orum): f. e-m hugar, to challenge one's courage; essi kli frja ykkr fur-hefnda, those clothes challenge you to revenge your father; (2) f. e-t, to complain of; to egg (goad) on.
frja, f. taunt, reproach; verja sik frju, to clear one self of reproach.
frju-laust, adv. blamelessly, beyond reproach;
-or, -yri, n. taunt (leggja frju-or e-n).
frn-ligr, a., frnn, a. pleasant (-looking), inviting (only with negative, cf. 'frnn').
fr (dat. frvi), n. seed (= frj).
frg, f. fame, renown.
frgar-fullr, a. glorious;
-fr, f. glorious journey;
-mar, m. famous man;
-mark, n. badge of glory;
-samligr, a. glorious;
-skot, n. famous shot;
-verk, n. feat, exploit.
frgi-ligr, a. creditable, honourable.
frgja (-a, -r), v. to make famous.
frgr, a. famous (f. konungr).
fr-korn, n. seed of corn.
frnda-afli, m. strength in kinsmen;
-blkr, m. body of kinsmen;
-gengi, n. = frndli;
-gipta, f. family luck;
-lt, n. loss (death) of kinsmen;
-rg, n. strife among kinsmen;
-skomm, f. disgrace in one's famly;
-styrkr, m. strength (backing) of kinsmen.
frnd-blkr, m. = frnda-blkr;
-gofugr, a. having distinguished kinsmen;
-hagi, m. native place;
-hollr, a. faithful to one's kinsmen.
frndi (pl. frndr), m. kinsman (also used of a brother and a son); yrir fyrri frndr, your ancestors.
frnd-kona, f. kinswoman;
-leif, f. patrimony, inheritance (after a kinsman);
-li, n. host of kinsmen, family;
-lingr, m. = frndi;
-mar, m. = frndi;
-margr, a. having many kinsmen;
-mr, f. maiden kinswoman;
-rkr, a. rich in kinsmen;
-rkinn, a. attached to one's kinsmen;
-samliga, adv. kinsmanlike, kindly;
-semi, f. relationship, kinship; ganga vi frnd semi e-s, to

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