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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


f. conclusion of peace, truce, treaty;
-koss, m. kiss of peace;
-mark, n. token of peace;
-mar, m. = frimar;
-stefna, f. peace-meeting;
-tkn, n. friar-mark.
fri-benda (-da, -dr), v. to fasten the sword in the sheath with fribond;
-bt, f. peace-making;
brot, n. breach of peace.
fribrots-mar, m. peace-breaker.
fri-bnd, n. pl. 'peace-bonds' (straps wound round the sheath and fastened to a ring in the hilt); spretta -bndum, to undo the peace-straps (before drawing the sword);
-drjgr, a. peaceful;
-gjafl, m. peace-maker;
-gjarn, a. peaceful;
-glur, f. pl. enticements to peace (bera friglur e-n);
-gr, f. = friar-gr;
-heilagr, a. inviolate;
-helga (a), v. to make inviolate;
-helgr (gen. -helgar), f. inviolability, protection by law.
friill, m. lover.
fri-kastali, m. asylum;
-kaup, n. purchase of peace.
frila or frilla, f. a man's mistress or concubine (frilur ttu eir brr).
fri-land, n. friendly country, place of retreat;
-lauss, a. outlawed, proscribed;
-leysi, n. insecurity; -liga, adv. peacefully;
-ligr, a. peaceful, peaceable.
frilu-, frillu-borinn, pp. bastard-born;
-lifnar, m., -lfl, n. fornication, whoredom;
-mar, m. adulterer;
-sonr, m. illegitimate son;
-tak, n. in the phrase, taka -taki, to take as concubine.
fri-mar, m. peaceful man, friend;
-mark, n. token of peace;
-ml, n. words of peace; bera -ml milli manna, to act as peacemaker;
-mlast (t), v. refl. to sue for peace (ekki mun n tj at frimlast).
frir (gen. friar), m. (1) peace, personal security; bija e-n friar, to sue for peace; (2) love, friendship; fri at kaupa, to purchase (thy) love.
fri-samligr, a. peaceable;
-samr, a. peaceful;
-semd, -semi, f. peacefulness;
-skjldr, m. truce-shield; brega upp -skildi, to lift the shield of truce;
-spilli, n. breach of peace;
-star, m. sanctuary in a temple, asylum;
-stefna, f. = friarstefna.
-stll, m. chair of peace;
-sla, f. bliss of peace;
-sll, a. blessed with peace;
-vn, f. prospect of peace;
-vnligr, a., -vnn, a. giving promise of peace.
Frigg (gen. -jar), f. the goddess Frigg (the wife of Odin).
frilla, f. frillu-, see frila, frilu-.
fra, (a), v. to deliver (f. e-n e-u) refl. frast, to free oneself.
fria (-dda, -ddr), v. to adorn.
friandi, n, pl. good or fine things; heita e-m friendum, to make fair promises.
fri-leikr, m. personal beauty.
frr (fr, frtt), a. (1) beautiful, handsome (f. snum); (2) fine (frtt li, fruneyti); (3) paid in kind; tlf hundru fr, twelve hundred head of cattle in payment; fjrir tigir marka frs, forty marks of silver paid in cattle. cf. 'frr'
Frsir, m. pl. the Frisians.
frskr, a. Frisian.
Frs-land, n. Frisia, Friesland.
frj (-a, -r), v. to love; s fr er frjr, he that woos wins.
frj-aptann, m. Friday evening.
frjdaga-fasta, f. Friday fast.
frj-dagr, m. Friday.
frjdags-aptann, m., Friday evening (cf. 'frj-aptann, frj-kveld');
-kveld, n. Friday evening (cf. 'frj-aptann, frj-kveld');
-ntt, f. Friday night.
frj-kveld, n. (1) eve of Friday; Friday evening.
frjls, a. (1) free, opp. to 'rll' (f. mar); (2) free, unhindered (lta e-n fara frjlsan); eiga. e-t at frjlsu, to possess freely, without restraint.
frjlsa (a), v. to free (= frelsa).
frjlsan, f. rescue, preservation.
frils-borinn, pp. free-born;
-leikr, m. liberty;
-lendingr, m. franklin;
-liga, adv. freely;
-ligr, a. free, independent;
-mannligr, a. appropriate to a free man.
frj-myrginn, m. Friday morning.
-ntt, f. Friday night.
frj (dat. frj and frjvi), n. = fr.
frja or frjva (a), v. to fertilize; refl., frjvast, multiply, be fertile.

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