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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


to ask (f. e-n e-s); f. e-n rs, to ask one's advice.
fregna (-da or -a), v. = prec.
freista (a), v. (1) to tempt, make trial of, with gen.; (2) to try; f. = rttar, to try a feat; f. sn mti e-m, to try one's strength against another; with infin., f. at renna skei, to try to run a race.
freistan, freisting, f. temptation.
freistinn, a. daring, trying.
freistni, f. (1) temptation; (2) trial.
freka, f. rigour, severity, harshness; me freku, harshly.
frek-efldr, pp. forcible.
freki, m. wolf (poet.).
frekja, f. = freka.
frek-liga, adv. harshly, immoderately;
-ligr, a. harsh, severe.
freknttr, a. freckly.
frekr, a. (1) greedy (f. til fjr), eager, (2) harsh, rigorous (frek lg); n skal ek vera yr f., harsteinn, a rough whetstone.
frelsa (-ta, -tr), v. (1) to free, deliver, rescue (f landit af hernai); (2) f e-m e-t, to rescue (secure) a thing for one (til at f. honum sna furleif); (3) refl., frelsast, to save oneself, escape.
frels-borinn, pp. frjlsborinn.
frelsi, n. (1) freedom; (2) leisure (3) privilege, immunity (f. kirkjunnar).
frelsingi (-ja, -jar), m. freedman.
frelsis-gjf, f. gift of freedom (to a bondsman).
fremd, f. furtherance, honour.
fremdar-fer, f. glorious, journey;
a. inglorious;
-verk, n. feat.
fremi, adv. only in the phrase, sv f. er, so far; esp., sv f. er, not until, not before, only when; seg sv f., fr vi, er essi dagr er allr, wait till this day is past before you speak of that; sv f. ef, in case that.
fremja (frem, framda, framir and framdr), v. (1) to further, promote (f. kristni); f. sik, to distinguish oneself; (2) to perform, practice; f. heini, to practice heathen worship; f. sund, to swim; to gain distinction. (3) refl., fremjast, to gain distinction.
fremr. adv. compar., fremst, adv. superl. more, most (= framarr, framast); eir er fremst vru, those who were foremost.
fremri, a. compar., fremstr, a. superl., see ' framr'.
frer or frr, n. frost, frosty soil; f. var hart ti, it was hard frost; esp. pl., ba frra, to wait for frost;
-mnar, m. frost-month (December).
frerinn, pp. frozen (f. skr).
fress (pl. -ar), m. (1) tom-cat (eigandi fressa, Freyja); (2) bear.
, n. delay, respite; viku fresti, at the end of a week; also pl., tt frestin vri lng, although the delay was long; lj e-m fresta, to give one respite; selja f., to sell on credit.
fresta (a) v. to defer, put off, with dat. (f. brlaupi); absol. to tarry.
frostan, f. delaying, delay.
freta (fret, frat, and a), v. to break wind (freta vi).
fret-karl, m. contemptible fellow.
fretr, m. fart; reka fret, to break wind.
frtt (pl. -ir), f. (1) news, intelligence; (2) enquiry about the future (ganga til frttar vi e-n).
frtta (-tta, -ttr), v. (1) to hear, get intelligence; (2) to ask, enquire (f. e-n e-s or at e-u); f. tenda, to ask for news; f. e-n upp, to find one out; (3) refl. to get about, be reported (etta frttist um herait); frttist alls ekki til hans, nothing was heard of him; frttist mr sv til, I am told; frttust eir tenda, they asked each other for news; frttast fyrir, to enquire.
frttinn, a. eager for news, inquisitive (um e-t, about a thing).
freya (dda, -tt), v. to froth.
freyja, f. lady; the goddess Freyja.
freyr (gen. freys), m. (1) lord; (2) the god Frey.
Freys-goi, m. priest of Frey.
fria (a), v. to pacify, restore to peace (f. rki sitt); f. fyrir e-m, to make peace for, intercede for one (vi e-n, with another); refl., friast vid e-n, to reconcile oneself to another.
frian, f. pacifying.
friar-brf, f. letter of peace;
-fundr, m. peaceful meeting;

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