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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-dr),v. to fulfil, bring about;
-kvmd, f. fulfilment, success, prowess.
framkvmdar-lauss, a. unavailing, useless;
-leysi, n. inaction;
-mar, m. enterprising man;
-mikill, a., -samr, a. enterprising.
fram-kvmr, a. efficacious.
fram-lag, n. outlay, contribution;
-laga, f. advancing (with the ships in battle);
-leiis, adv. further, next;
leisla, f. conduct (-leisla hans lfdaga);
-liinn, pp. departed, deceased;
-ligr, a. excellent;framligr mar, a fine man;
-lundar, a. bold, courageous;
-ltr, a. (1) bending forward; (2) prone (til e-s);
-lyndr, a. = framlundar.
frammi, adv. (1) out, away out; eir Leifr sitja f. hsum, near the outer door; standa f. fyrir e-m, to stand before one's face; (2) hafa e-t f. or f., to make use of, employ; hafa kgan e-n, to try to browbeat one.
fram-mynntr, a. with a prominent mouth (mjk eygr ok f.).
framr (compar. framarri, fremri superl. framastr, fremstr), a. (1) forward, prominent; neut., framt, to such an extent; treysta framt , to put full trust in; compar. the foremost of two; til hins fremra austrrms, to the fore pumping room; hit fremra, the place nearest the door, the road along the coast (fru sumir f. tit Seljalandsmla); (2) fig. fremri e-m, superior to (llum fremri) superl. foremost, best (fremstr at allri smd); furthest back (hvat fremst um veizt).
fram-rs, f. course;
-rei, f. riding on;
-reitir, m. pl. the fore-beds' (in a garden); fig., hafa e-t -reitum, to display, make a show of;
-saga, f. delivery (-saga sakar);
-snoinn, a. bald on the forehead;
-skn, f. further prosecution of a case (-skn sakar);
-stafn, m. stem, prow;
-sn, f. foresight;
-sni, f. fore-sightedness;
-sniligr, a. foreseeing;
-snn, a. foreseeing, prophetic;
-sgn, f. statement;
-vegis, adv. further, for the future;
-vsi, f. prophetic spirit;
-vss, a. prophetic, foreseeing.
frau, n. froth (= froa).
fr, prep. with dat. (1) from (ganga f. lgbergi); skamt f. nni, a short distance from the river; (2) away from (nkkut f. rum. mnnum); (3) of time, alit f. eldingu, all along from daybreak; dag f. degi, one day after another; (4) from among, beyond; gera sik aukendan f. rum mnnum, to make oneself conspicuous; (5) against; fr lkindum, against likelihood; (6) of, about; er mr sv f. sagt konungi, I am told so about the king (7) as adv. away; hverfa f., to turn away; til ok f., to and fro; han f., hence, henceforlh; ar t fr, secondly, next.
fr-briligr, a. surpassing;
-brr, a. surpassing;
-drttr, m. diminution;
-fall, n. (1) falling off, receding (frfall sjfarins); (2) decease, death;
-fer, f. departure.
frgra-, gen. pl. from 'frgrir';
-li, n. choice troops;
-mar, m. remarkable man;
mikill, a. exceeding great (fjturr f.).
fr-grir, f. pl. surpassing feats; var at at -grum, it was extraordinary;
-laga, f. retreat (in a seafight); cf. leggja fr);
-lauss, a. free, clear (from a matter).
fr-leikr, m. swiftness, briskness.
fr-ligr, a. quick, swift.
frn-eygr, a. with flashing eyes.
frnn, a. gleaming, flashing (of serpents and weapons).
frr (frri, frstr), a. swift, lightfooted (frr fti).
fr-saga, f. account, narrative.
frsagnar-verr, a. worth relating.
fr-skila, a. indecl. separated, isolated (-skila e-m);
-skilliga, adv. out of the way, far off;
-skilligr, a. = -skila;
-skilnar, m. separation.
fr-sgn, f. (1) the act of relating; (2) = frsaga.
frsgu-ligr, a. worth relating, interesting.
fr-vera, -vist, f. absence.
fregn (pl. -ir), m. news, intelligence information.
fregna (fregn; fr, frgum; frginn), v. (1) to hear of, be informed of (rndr fr andlt fur sns); (2)

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