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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


face at the king's feet; f. rtt, straight on; koma f., to reappear; (2) out of the house; opp. to 'inn, innarr' (var hon valt borin f. ok innarr); (3) on the fore part, in front, opp. to 'aptr' (mar f., en dr aptr); aptr ok f. fore and aft, of a ship; (4) joined with preps. and particles, ba f. dag, f. ntt, to wait far into the day, or night; ba f. um jl, to wait till after Yule; fyrir lg f., in spite of the law; f. undan eyjunni; off the island; (5) of time, hversu er f., orit, how late is it, what time is it? f. orit dags, late in the day.
frama (a), v. to further; f. sik, to distinguish oneself; of a woman, in pp, neut., me barni ok mjk framat, and far advanced.
frama-fer, f. famous enterprise;
-leysi, n. obscurity.
framan, adv. (1) from (on) the front side; f. at borinu, to the front of the table; f. (skipinu), on the fore part (of the ship); stlhfuna f., on the front of the steel cap; (2) fyrir f., before, in the front of, with acc. (fyrir f. slna); (3) f. til (= fram til), up to, until; n lr til ings f., it drew near to the time of assembly.
framandi, pr. p. distinguished, of distinction (f. menn).
framan-vtr, a. wet on the fore-side;
-verr, a. lying forward, foremost; framanverri brekkunni, on the front of the slope; framanvert nefit, on the tip of the nose.
frama-raun, f. trial of fame.
framar-la, adv. (1) in a forward position, near the front; (2) fully, highly, much.
-liga, adv. (1) in a forward position, near the front; (2) fully, highly, much.
framarr, adv. compar., framast, adv. superl. (=fremr, fremst), (1) farther (farthest) on; feti framarr, a step further on; (2) more, most (mun n leitat vera hr framarr en hvar annars staar); miklu er sj framarr (more prominent, superior) at hvvetna; v framarr sem, all the more as; konungr viri hann framast allra sona sinna, most of all his sons.
frama-skortr m. lack of courage;
-verk, n. exploit, feat.
fram-boligr, a. that can be offered;
-bgr, m. shoulder (of an animal);
-bryggja, f. the gangway leading to the bow of a ship;
-burr, m. delivery (of a speech);
-b, f., vera til ltillar frambar, to be of little lasting use;
-byggjar, -byggvar, m. pl. the men stationed in the bow of a warship (opp. to 'aptrbyggjar').
framdrttar-samr, a. putting oneself forward.
fram-drttr, m. (1) launching (-drttr skips); (2) support, maintenance;
-eggjan, f. egging on;
-fall, n. (1) falling on one's face; (2) downfall; (-fall rinnar);
-farinn, pp. departed;
-fer, f. (course of) procedure;
-feri, n. (1) = -fer (2) conduct;
-flutning, f. (1) maintenance, suport; (2) pronunciation;
flutningr, m. (1) = fram-flutning (1); (2) pleading;
-ftr, m. fore-leg;
-fss, a. eager, willing;
-fri, n. furtherance;
frinn, a. putting oneself forward;
-frsla, f. support, maintenance.
framfrslu-kerling, f. old pauper woman;
-mar, m. pauper.
fram-fr, f. (1) advancing; (2) death;
-ganga, f. (1) advancing; (2) boldness, courage;
-gangr, m. (1) advancing in battle; (2) success; (3) = -ganga (2);
-genginn, pp. departed, deceased;
-gengt, a. n. brought about, successful; vera framgengt, to succeed;
girnd, f., -girni, f. forwardness;
-gjarn, a. striving torward, eager.
framgngu-mr, m. valiant man.
fram-heit, n. pl. fair promises for the future;
-hleypi, n. forwardness, rashness;
-hleypiligr, a. rash;
-hlutr, m. fore part;
-hs, n. porch, entry;
-hvass, a. forward, hold;
-hvt, f. encouragement.
frami, m. (1) boldness, courage; (2) luck; freista sns frama, to try one's luck; (3) distinction, fame (vinna sr frama); (4) profit (mla e-t sinn frama).
fram-jtan, f. promise;
-kast, n. forecast, empty words;
kirkja, f. nave, opp. to 'snghs', choir, chancel;
-krkar, m. pl. exertion; leggja krka, to exert oneself;
kvma (-da,

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