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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


flk-djarfr, a. brave in battle;
-drtt, f. = flk (4);
-liendr, m. pl. wayfarers;
-orrusta, f. battle of hosts, great battle.
-ri, n. rule over people;
flks-jaarr, m. chief, lord.
flk-skr, a. destructive to men;
-stjri, m. captain;
, m. captain;
-vpn, n. pl. weapons;
-vg, n. great battle, war;
-vtr, f. 'battle wight', Valkyrie.
-vrr, m. chief, captain.
flska, f. foolishness, folly.
flakr, a. foolish.
flsku-fer, f. foolish expedition;
-or, n, pl. foolish words;
-verk, n. foolish (mad) act.
frn. ( pl. -ir), f. (1) gift; (2) offering.
frna (a), v. (1) to offer as a present (f. e-m e-t) to offer, bring as an offering (to God).
frnar, m., at fnai ,furthermore, in addition, to boot.
frn-fra (-a, -r), v. to bring an offering(konungr frnfri gounum);
f. offering.
fst-brir, m. (1) foster-brother; (2) sworn. brother (= eibrir).
fstbrra-lag, n. (1) foster-brotherhood; (2) sworn brotherhood (sverjast fstbraralag).
fstr, n. (1) the fostering (of a child) (2) maintenance.
fstra (a), v. to bring up as a, foster-child, be a foster-father to.
fstra, f. (1) foster-mother; (2) foster-daughter.
fstr-dttir, f. foster-daughter.
fstr-fair, m. foster-father.
fstri, m. (1) foster-father; (2) foster-son; (3) foster-brother: (4) pl., fstrar, foster-father and foster-son.
fstr-jr, f. native country,
-land, n. native country,
-laun, n. pl. reward for fostering;
-man, n. nurse (bondmaid);
-mir, m. foster-mother;
-mr, f. foster-daughter;
-neyti, n. foster-parents;
-sonr, m. foster-son;
-systir, f. foster-sister;
-systkin, n. pl. foster-brother(s) and sister(s).
fta-afl, n. strength of the feet;
-brk, f. footboard (of a bed);
-burr, m. gait;
-festi, f. foot-hold;
-fjol, f. foot-board;
-gangr, m. trampling, din;
-hlutr, m. the nether part of the body;
-lti, n. pl. kicking (of one hanged).
ftar-mein, n. sore leg;
-sr, n. a wound in the foot;
-verkr, m. pain in the leg (foot).
fta-spyrning, f. spurning with the feet;
-stapp, n. stamping with the feet;
-ili, n. = fta-brk;
-vttr, m. foot-washing.
ft-bor, n. foot-board;
-brot, n. fracture of the leg
-brotinn, pp. broken-legged;
-fimr, a. nimblefooted;
-gangandi, pr. p. walking, going on foot.
ftgngu-herr, m. host of footmen;
ftgngu-li, n. host of footmen;
-mar, m. a man on foot, footman, foot-soldier.
ft-hr, a. long-legged (= h-fttr);
-hrumr, a. weak-footed;
-hvatr, a. swift-footed;
hgg, n. hewing one's feet off;
-hggva (see hggva), v. to hew one's feet off;
-lami, a. lame of foot;
-langr, a. long-legged;
-laug, f. foot-bath;
-lauss, a. footless;
-lgr, a. low-legged, short-legged;
-leggr, m. the leg;
-ml, n. step;
-mikill, a. big-footed;
-mjkr, a. nimble-looted;
-pallr, m. footstool.
ftr (gen. ftar, dat. fti, pl. foetr), m. (1) foot, foot and leg; spretta (stkkva) ftr, to start to one's feet; vera ftum, to be out of bed, be up; skjta ftum undir sik, taka til fta, to take to one's heels; eiga ftum fjr at launa, to save one's life by running away; hlaupa sem ftr toga, to run as fast as feet can carry; kominn af ftum fram, off one's feet, decrepit; hverr ftr rum, one after the other; (2) foot (as a meaure);
ft-srr, a. foot-sore;
-sr, a. reaching down to the feet;
-skemill, m. footstool;
-skria, f. sliding; renna-skriu, to slide on the ice;
-skr, f. footboard;
-spor, n. foot-print (stga e-s ft-spor);
stallr, m. pedestal;
-stirr, a. stiff-legged;
-trob, n. trampling under feet;
-troa (see troa), v. to trample under one's feet, tread upon;
-veill, a. with a bad leg.
frakka, f. spear, lance (rare).
Frakka-konungr, m. the king of the Franks.
Frakkar, m. pl. the Franks.
fram, adv. (1) forward; hann fll f. . ftr konungi, he fell forward on his

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