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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


in witchcraft;
-fri, f. ancient lore, witchcraft.
for-njsn,f. foresight(-njsnaraugu).
forn-konungr, m. ancient king;
-kveinn, pp. said of old; hit -kvena, the old saw;
-kvi, n. old poem;
-ligr, a. old-looking, old-fashioned; fornlig fri, old lore;
-mar, m. man of the olden time;
-mli, n. old saw;
-mltr, pp. = forn-kveinn;
-orr, a. swearing;
-saga, f. old (mythical) tale;
-skld, n. ancient scald;
-spjll, n. pl. old lore;
-spurr, pp., gera e-n fornspuran at e-u, to do a thing without asking one's leave;
-tindi, n. pl. old tales;
-vinr, m. old friend;
-yri, n. old saw.
for-r, n. (1) management, superintendent; (2) administration, guardianship;
-randi (pl. -endr), m. overseer, manager.
forra-mar, forrs-mar, m. manager, head man; -mar skipi, captain of a ship.
for-rkr, a. exceedingly rich.
for-ri, n. = for-r,
fors, n. vehemence, wrath.
fors (pl. -ar), m. waterfall.
for-st, f. ambush;
-senda, f. dangerous mission.
-sending, f. dangerous mission.
fors-fall, n. torrent.
fors-fullr, a. wrathful, vehement.
for-sj or -sj, foresight, prevision.
forsj-lauss, a. (1) improvident; (2) helpless;
-leysi, n. want of foresight;
-liga, adv. with foresight, prudently;
-ligr, a. prudent.
for-sjll, a. prudent, foresighted.
forsj-mar, m. overseer, manager.
for-skli, m. ante-chamber, entrance-hall;
-skepti, n. handle of a hammer or axe;
-skp, n. pl. ill fate;
-sm (-smi, -sma , -smr), v. to despise;
-smn, f. disgrace;
-smir, m. master-smith;
-sp, f. prophecy;
-spr, a. foreseeing, prophesying;
-spell, n. heavy loss;
-staa, f. shielding, protection; mla e-m forstu (vi e-n), to say a good word for one;
-stjri, m. overseer, leader;
-stjrn, f. rule, management.
forstjrnar-mar, m. manager.
for-sto, f. = forstaa;
-stofa, f. = -skli;
-strr, a. exceeding tall;
-streymis, adv. down stream, opp. to 'andstreymis';
-sn, f. foreboding;
-snn, a. (1) foresighted; (2) second sighted;
-sti, n. front bench;
-sla, f. shade (from the sun);
-sgn, f. (1) prophecy,(2) superintendence;(3) dictation, instruction (eptir hinna vitrustu manna forsgn).
for-taka, v. to deny;
fortaks-or, n. word of contradiction.
for-tjald, n. curtain, bed-curtain;
-tolur, f. pl. persuasion(s), representations;
-vai, m. a ford before a projecting cliff;
-vejar, pp. forfeited;
-verari, m. forebear, predecessor;
-verk, n. (1) work done in another's service; (2) harvest of hay; (3) hireling's work; gera ekki forverkum vi e-n, not to treat one meanly.
forverks-ltill, a. able to do but little forverk:
-mar, m. able workman.
for-via, a. indecl. overcome in a fight;
-viris, adv. before the wind;
-vindis, adv. before the wind;
-virki, n. = -verk (1);
-vist, f. management;
-vista, f. management;
-vitinn, a. curious;
-vitna (a), v. to pry into, enquire about (forvitna e-t or um e-t); refl., forvitnast e-t, um e-t, til e-s, to enquire about; impers., e-n forvitnar e-t, one is curious to know;
-vitni, f. curiosity;
-vitri, a. very wise;
-yflast (d), v. refl. to shrink from (e-s);
-ynja, f. appearance, foreboding;
-ysta, f. headship, leadership.
forystu-geldingr, m. = forystusaur
-lauss, a. unprotected;
-saur, m. bell-weather.
for-okki, m. dislike.
-ykkja, f. dislike.
foss (pl. -ar), m. waterfall = fors.
fa, f. she-fox.
farn, n. gizzard.
fr, n. fodder, foddering.
fra (a), (1) to fodder, feed; (2) to fur or line (a garment).
fr-lauss, a. (1) fodderless; (2) unlined.
fl, n., fli, m. fool.
flk, n. (1) folk, people; (2) the people of a household; (3) kinsfolk; (4) host; (5) battle (poet.).

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