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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


fylkingar-armr, m. wing of an army;
-broddr, m. vanguard of a host ( ndverum -broddi).
fylkir (gen. -is), m. chief, king.
fylkis-konungr, m. chief of a district; a petty king.
fylkja (-ta, -tr), v. to draw up (in battle array), with dat., or absol.
fylla (-da, -dr), v. (1) to fill (f. e-t e-s or af e-u); (2) to complete, make up (f. at, er skortir); (3) to fulfil; (4) f. flokk e-s, to side with one; (5) refl., fyllast hyggju ok hrslu (gen.), to be filled with care and fear.
fylli, f. one's fill (gefa e-m f. sna matar ok drkkjar).
fylli-liga, adv. fully.
fylling, f. (1) filling; (2) fulfilment.
fyl-merr, f. a mare with a foal.
fyrar, m. pl. men, warriors (poet.).
fyrir, prep., I. with dat. (1) before, in front of (ok vru fyrir honum borin merkin); f. dyrum, before the door; (2) before one, in one's presence; hn nefndist f. eim Gunnhildr, she told them that her name was G.; (3) for; hann lt ryja f. eim bina, he had the booth cleared for them, for their reception; (4) before one, in one's way; fjrr var f. eim, they came to a fjord; sitja f. e-m, to lie in wait for one; (5) naut. term. before, off; iggja f. bryggjum, to lie off the piers f. Humru-mynni, off the Humber; (6) before, at the head of, over; vera f. mli, to be over the troops; vera f. mli, to lead the case; sitja f. svrum, to undertake the defence; (7) of time, ago; f. rem nttum, three nights ago; f. stundu, a while ago; f. lngu, long, ago; vera f. e-u, to forebode (of a dream); (8) before, above, superior to; Hlfdan svarti var f. eim brrum, H. was the foremost of the brothers; (9) denoting disadvantige, harm, suffering; ltr Egil vefja ll ml f. r, thou lettest E. thwart all thy affairs; tk at eyast f. herm lausa-f, her money began to fail (10) denoting obstacle, hindrance; mikit gri er mr f. essu mli, you make this case hard for me; var honum ltit f. v, it was a small matter for him; sgrmi tti ungt fyrir, A. thought that things looked bad; (11) because of, for; hon undi sr hvergri f. verkjum, she had no rest for pains; f. hrslu, for fear; ilia frt f. sum, scarcely, passable for ice; gu eir eigi f. veium at f heyjanna, because of fishing, they neglected to make hay; f. v at, because, since, as; (12) against; gt in vel f. konungi ok hans mnnum, guard thee well against the king and his men; beia gria Baldri f. alls konar hska, against all kinds of harm; (13) f. sr of oneself; mikill f. sr, strong, powerful; minnstr f. sr, smallest, weakest; (14) denoting manner or quality, with; hvtr f. hrum, while with hoary hair; II. with acc. (1) before, in front of; halda f. augu sr, to hold (one's hands) before one's eyes; (2) before, into the presence of; stefna e-m f. dmstl, before a court; (3) over; hlaupa f. bjorg, to leap over a precipice; kasta f. bor, to throw overboard; (4) in one's way, crossing one's way; ra lei f. , to ride in their way, so as to meet them; (5) round, off; sigla f. nes, to weather a point; (6) along, all along, f. endilangan Noreg, all along Norway, from one end to the other; draga r f. odd, to draw the arrow past the point; (7) of time, f. dag, before day; f. e-s minni, before one's memory; (8) for, on behalf of; vil ek bja at fara f. ik, I will offer to go for thee, in thy stead; lgvrn f. ml, a lawful defence for a case; (9) for, for the benefit of; eir skru f. melinn, they cut the lyme-grass for them (the horses) (10) for, instead of, in place of, as; (11) for, because of (vilja Gunnar dauan f. hggit); f. n or, for thy words (intercession); f. sna vinsld, by reason of his popularity; (12) denoting value, price; f. rjr merkr, for three marks; f. hvern mun, by all means, at any cost; (13) in spite of, against (giptast f. r e-s); (14) joined with adverbs ending in -an, governing acc. (f. austan, vestan, sunnan, noran, tan innan, framan, handan, ofan, nean)

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