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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


fleymi, n. jest, sport
fleymingr, m. jest, sport; hafa e-t fleymingi, to make sport of.
fleyta (-tta, -ttr), v. (1) to set, afloat, launch (f. skipum); (2) to lift slightly from the ground.
flikki, n. flitch of bacon.
flikkis-snei, f. slice of bacon.
flim, n. lampoon, libel (in verse).
flim-beri, m. lampooner.
flimska, f. mockery.
flimta (a), v. to lampoon, satirise.
flimtan, f. lampooning, satire.
fls (pl. -ir), f. splinter, chip.
flj, n. poet. woman.
fljt, n. (1) = flot (2); vera fljti, to be afloat; (2) river lake.
fljta (flt; flaut, flutum; flotinn), v. (1) to float on the water (hann s ar f. langskip tjaldat); (2) to run, stream; (3) fig. to float about, spread (of news); (4) to be flooded, to flow (flaut i bli glf allt); flaut hann allr trum, he was bathed in tears.
fljt-leikr, m. fleetness, speed;
-liga, adv. (1) speedily; (2) readily, promptly;
-ligr, a. speedy.
fljtr, a. swift, speedy; neut., fljtt, as adv. swiftly, quickly; sem fljtast, as soon as possible, at once.
fljt-tkr, a. quick at apprehending (-tkr e-t);
-virki, f. quickness in working;
-virkr, a. quick in working.
fljga (flg; flaug, flugum; floginn), v. (1) to fly (fr sv hart sem fugl flygi); (2) fig. of weapons, sparks, rumours, etc. (spjtit flaug yfir hann; gneistarnir flugu); (3) f. e-n, to fly at or on one.
flog, n. flight, flying, = flug.
flogall, a. lively, brisk, volatile.
flokka-drttr, m. raising of bands.
flokkr (-s, -ar), m. (1) body of men (f. eru fimm menn); (2) company, host (eir gengu allir einum flokki); (3) band, troop, party; hefja, reisa, flokk, to raise a band; fylla flokk e-s, to join one's party, to side with one; (4) short poem, without refrains (opp. to'drpa').
flokks-foringi, m. captain, leader;
-hfingi, m. captain, leader;
-mar, m. a man belonging to a party (flokkr).
flokk-stjri, m. = flokksforingi.
flot, n. (1) fat, dripping (from cooked meat); (2) floating; koma f., to be set afloat; vera floti, to be afloat.
flota (a), v. to float, launch (f. e-u).
flota-hlmr, m. floating islet.
flot-brsi, m. floating jar, poet. boat;
-fundinn, pp. found afloat.
floti, m. float, raft; (2) fleet.
flotna (a), v. to get afloat; f. upp, to float up, come to the surface.
fl (gen. flar; pl. flr), f. layer, stratum.
fl (gen. flar; pl. flr), f. a flea.
fla (a), v. to flood, be flooded.
fl, n. (1) flood, innundation, deluge (2) flood, flood-tide; at fli, at flum, at high-water.
fli, m. (1) marshy moor; (2) bay, large firth
flka-hetta, f. felt hood;
-lpa, f. felt coat;
-stakkr, m. felt jacket;
-trippi, n. a foal or young horse with a matted coat.
flki, m. (1) matted hair or wool, felt; (2) cloudlet (skflki);
flkinn, a. entangled, matted.
flna (a), v. to become warm.
flrr, m. floor of a cow-house.
fltta-binn, a. ready to flee,:
-gjarn, a. eager to flee, craven;
-mar, m. one who flees;
-menn, m. the flying host;
-rekstr, m. pursuit of the flying host;
-stigr, m. path of flight.
fltti, m. (1) flight; leggja fltta, to take to flight; stkkva e-m fltta, to put to flight; (2) reka flttann, to pursue the flying host.
flug, n. (1) flight (= flugr); fer ok flugi, all in one motion; (2) precipice.
fluga (gen. pl. flugna), f. (1) fly; (2) lure, bait; koma. flugu munn e-m, to allure, entrap one; gna (taka) vi flugu, to swallow the fly, to be allured, entrapped.
fluga-bjarg, n., -hamarr, beetling crag, precipice;
-straumar, m. violent and rapid stream.
flugi, a pret. of a lost verb flyggja, hon flugi ll, she shuddered all over.
flug-dreki, m. flying dragon;
-dr, n. flying insect;
-liga, adv. swiftly;
-ormr, m. flying snake.
flugr (gen.-ar), m. (1) flight (= flaug); beina flug, to spread the wings for

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