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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


flag-spilda, f. slice cut.
flaka (-ta, -t), v. to gape, esp. of wounds (f. sundr af srum).
flaki, m. wicker-work shield (for defence in battle).
flakka (a), v. to rove about (as a beggar).
flakna (a), v, to flake off, split.
flat-liga, adv. = flatt (fara flatliga = fara flatt see 'flatr');
-nefr, a. flat-nosed (a nickname)
flatr, a. (1) flat, level (um sltta dali ok flata vllu); f. fiskr, flat fish, halibut; (2) flat, prostrate (falla f., kasta ser fltum nir); draga e-n flatan, to drag one flat on the ground; (3) of the flat side of a thing; brega flötu sverinu, to turn the sword flat; stra flatt skip e-s, to steer on the broad side of another's ship; (4) neut. flatt, as adv., fara f. fyrir e-m, to fare ill, be worsted.
flat-sng, f. bed made on the floor, shakedown;
-vegr, m. flat side (telgja -veg tr).
flaug, f. (1) flying, flight (taka flaug sem fuglar); allt er fr ok flaugum, in a commotion; (2) vane.
flaugar-skegg, n. the tail of a vane.
flaug-traur, a. flugtraur.
flaugun, f. flying, flight.
flaum-si, a. rushing heedlessly on.
flaumr, m. eddy, violent stream.
flaum-slit, n. pl. breach of friendship.
flaust, n. poet. ship.
flautir, f. pl. a kind of whipped milk.
fl (fl; fl, flgum; fleginn), v. (1) to flay (f. belg, h af e-m); f. e-n kvikan, to flay alive; (2) to strip; f. e-n af or r klum, to strip one of his clothes; f. e-n at gripum, to strip one for his money.
fl (pl. flr), f. float of a net.
flr (fl, fltt), a. false, deceitful; mla fagrt, en hyggja fltt, to speak fair, but think false.
fl-r, n. deceit, fraud;
-rr, a. false, deceitful;
-ri, n. = -r;
fleinn (-s, -ar), m. (1) pike; (2) fluke, of an anchor (akkeris-fleinn); (3) dart, shaft (fljgandi fleinn).
fleipa (a), v. = fleipra.
fleipr, n. babble, tattle.
fleipra (a), v. to babble, prattle.
fleiri, a. compar., flestr, a. superl. (1) more, most; fleira li, more troops; mun at flestrum manni fra ykkja, it will seem impossible to most people; neut fleira, flest, more, most things (ekki sagi hann honum fleira; flest essu brfi); with gen., fleira manna, more people (cfr. 'margt manna'); pl., hinir vru miklu fleiri, more numerous: flestr allr (vel flestr), flestir allir (vel flestir), almost all (flest allt strmenni; flest ll hof); (2) more communicative, hearty; hann gerist vi hann fleiri ok fleiri, more and more intimate.
fleki, m. = flaki.
flekka (a), v. to stain, pollute.
flekk-lauss, a. unspotted, immaculate (fddr af flekklausri mey).
flekk-ttr, a. flecked, spotted.
flekkr (-s, -ir), m. fleck, spot, stain.
flenging, f. scourging (= hstroka).
flengja (-da, -dr), v. to scourge.
flenna (-ta, -tr), v. to set wide open.
flenn-eygr, a. with distended eyelids, open-eyed.
flensa (a), v. to kiss (?).
flesk, fleski, n. pork, ham, or bacon.
fleski-snei, f. slice of bacon.
flestr, a. superl., see 'fleiri'.
flet (gen. pl. fletja), n. the raised flooring along the side walls of a hall (to sit or lie on) together with the benches thereon. Also in pl.
fletja (flet, flatta, flattr), v. to make flat, cut open (f. orsk); refl., fletjast, to stretch oneself, lie flat on the ground.
flet-ro, n. clearing the house.
fletta (-tta, -ttr), v. (1) to strip (f.e-n klum or af klum); f. e-t af e-m to strip (something) off one; (2) to strip, plunder.
fltta (a), v. to braid, plait.
fltta, f. = flttingr.
fletting, f. stripping, plunder.
flttingr, m. braid, plait.
fley, n. poet. a kind of swift ship.
fleygi-gaflak, n. javelin;
-kvittr, m. loose rumour, vague report.
fleygja (-a, -r), v. (1) to make fly (f. haukum); (2) to throw (f. e-u).
fleygr, a. able to fly.

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