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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


was a (drifting) snow-storm; n er fokit flest skjl, now most places of shelter are snowed up; no refuge is left; (2) fig. to fly off, (fauk at hfui); lta fjka kvelingum, to let satiric verses fly.
fjk-renningr, m. drifting snow;
-vitri, n. snow-storm.
fjr (gen. fjarar, pl. fjarar), (1) feather, quill; draga f. um e-t, to slur over a thing; (2) fin or tail of a fish; (3) blade of a spear.
fjl (gen. fjalar, pl. fialar, flalir), f. deal, board.
fjl-, used as a prefix, much, manifold;
-beini, f. hard begging, insistance;
-breytinn, a. changeable, whimsical;
-bygr, pp. thickly peopled.
fjld, f. multitude, great number, much; f. ek fr, I have travelled far.
fjldi, m. multitude; f. manna, skipa, a great number of men, ships.
fjlga (a), v. to make more numerous; impers., fjlgar e-t, and refl., fjlgast, to become numerous, increase in number.
fjlgan. f. increase in number.
fjl-hfar, a. many-headed.
fjl-kunnigr, a. skilled in magic.
fjl-kyngi, f. the black art, witchcraft, wizardry, sorcery.
fjlkyngis-flk, n. wizard-folk;
-rtt, f. magic art;
-kona, f. sorceress, witch;
-ver, n. gale produced by sorcery.
fjllttr, a. mountainous.
fjl-lyndi, n. looseness, fickleness;
-lyndr, a. loose, fickle;
-margr, a. very many;
-mlugr, a. tattling;
-menna (-ta, -tr), v. (1) to make numerous, increase in number; (2) to crowd, meet in crowds;
-menni, n. many people, crowd;
-mennr, a. numerous, with many people (riu menn -mennir til ings); fjl-menn veizla, a great banquet; kemr ar fjlmennt, many people;
-mli, n. pl. common talk (fara, fra, -mli); (2) slander;
-ntr, a. useful in many ways;
-orr, a. talkative;
-rr, a. fickle, loose;
-rinn, a. = -orr;
-rr, a. much talked of; gerist (er) -rtt um e-t, it is much talked of;
-skruigr, a. dressy;
-skyld, f. important business;
-skylda, f. much business, duties;
n. much business, duties;
-skyldr, a. important (-skylt embtti).
fjr, (dat. fjrvi) n. life; eiga ftum fjr at launa, to make the heels save the head.
fjr-baugr, m. 'life-money'.
fjrbaugs-garr, m. the lesser outlawry;
-mar, m. one sentenced to this;
-sok, f. a case involving this.
fjr-brot, n. pl. death-struggle (ligga, vera, -brotum).
fjrr (gen. fjarðar, dat. firði; pl. firir, acc. fjru), m. firth, inlet.
fjr-gjafi, m. one who saves anothers life.
Fjrgyn (gen. -jar) , f. Mother-earth, Mother of Thor;
fjr-lag, n. death slaughter (vera e-m. at -lagi);
-lausn, f. (1) release from life; ola-lausn, to suffer death (2) ransom for one's life (sir bja fyrir sik -lausn);
-lok, n. pl. end of life, death;
-lstr, m. loss of life, death; vera e-m at -lesti, to cause one's death;
-r, n. plotting against one's life.
fjrra-sk, f. a case of fjrr.
fjrrs-ml, n. a suit for fjrr.
fjr-segi, m. 'life-muscle', the heart
-sjkr, a. dangerousiy ill.
fjrsungr, m. a kind of fish.
fjru-grjt, n. the gravel (pebbles) on the beach;
-ml, n. (1) low-water mark, (2) foreshore, beach;
-steinn, m. pebble.
fjtra (a), v. to fetter; f., hest, to hobble a horse.
fltra-brot, n. pl. fragments of fetter.
fjtrar-bora, -rauf, f. a hole in a sledge through which the strap goes.
fjtur-lauss, a. unfettered.
fjturr (gen. fjturs and fjtrar pl. fjtrar), m. (1) fetter, shackle (setja e-n fjtur); (2) the straps of a sledge (slea-fjtrar).
flara (a), v. to fawn (f. at e-m).
flag-brjska, n., cartilage of the breastbone.
flag, n. female monster, ogress, giantess; opt eru flg fgru skinni, oft lurks a witch under a fair skin.
flag-kona, f. ogress = trllkona.
flagna (a), v. to flake (scale) off.

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