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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


fight; (2) flight (= fltti); traur flugar, slow to take to flight, bold.
flug-sjr, m. deep sea;
-skjtr, a. very swift;
-stigr, m. steep path.
flugu-mar, m. hired bandit, assassin;
-mannligr, a. having the look of an assassin.
flug-vpn, n. javelin, dart.
flutning, f. (1) transport, carriage of goods, conveyance of persons; (2) statement, report (cf. flutningr),
flutningar-mar, m. one engaged in conveying goods.
flutningr (-s, -ar), m. (1) = flutning (1); (2) = flutning (2); (3) pleading
flutnings-mar, m. a spokesman, pleader (-mar okkarr vi konung).
fl, f. low skerry, reef flooded by the sea ( fl ea skeri).
flr, n. (1) flower; (2) flour.
flyra, f. flounder.
flygill, m. flying apparatus.
flyka, f. phantom, ghost.
flykkjast (t), v. to crowd.
flysja (flusta), v. to split, cut in slices (at flysja epli).
flytja (flyt, flutta, fluttr), v. (1) to carry, convey (f. vru til skips); (2) to recite, deliver (f. or f. fram kvi); f. ml e-s, to plead one's cause, interceed for one; f. (fram) sitt erendi, to state one's errand; (3) to perform (f. jrnbur, skrslu); f. frn, to bring an offering; (4) refl., flytjast, to flit, remove.
flytjandi, (1) pr. p., f. eyrir, movables, chattels; (2) m. (pl. -endr), promoter, pleader (f. mls).
flyja (fl; fla; flir, flr), v. (1) to flee, take flight (f. land upp); f. undan e-m, to flee from one pursuing; (2) with acc., f. land, to flee the country; hœgt mun follgin at f., it will be hard to avoid what is fated.
flta (-tta,-tt), to hasten (f. ferinni); f sr, to speed oneself, make haste.
fltir (gen. -is), m. haste, speed.
flma (-da, -dr), v. to drive away ignominiously (f. e-n brott).
Flmingi (pl. -jar), m. Fleming.
flmska, f. Flemish (language).
flmskr. a. Flemish.
flr, f. falsehood, deceit.
flrar-fullr, a. deceitful;
-or, n. pl. false (but fair) language;
-samligr, a. deceitful;
stafir, m. pl. falseness, deceit.
flr-ari, m. impostor,
flr-lauss, a. sincere; at -lausu, faithfully, honestly.
flrr, pp. adulterated, poisoned (f. er drykkrinn).
flr-samligr, -samr, a. false, deceitful;
-vitni, n. false witness.
fla (-ddi, -ddr), v. (1) to flood over; impers., flir uppi, they are overtaken by the floodtide; (2) impers., flir, the tide rises,
flar-bakki, m. a bank covered at high-water;
-ml, n. flood-mark;
-sker, n. a reef flooded at high-water;
- ur, f. rocks reached at high-water,
fli-bakki, m. = flar-bakki;
-sker, n. = flar-sker.
flr (gen. -ar, acc. and dat. -i; pl, -ar) f. flood-tide.
flja (fla, fla; flit, flt), v. = fja.
flkjast (t), v. refl. to be entangled; f. fyrir e-m, to cross one's path, to be constantly in one's way.
flr, m. warmth, heat, = hiti.
flgra (a), v. to flutter,
flkr, n. roaming about.
flkra (a), v. to roam about,
flkta (-kta, -kt), v. (1) to, flutter and fly about; (2) to roam, meander.
flktan, f. fluttering, roaming about.
fnasa (a), v. to snort with rage.
fnasan, f. sneezing, snorting.
fnsa, fnsa, (-ta, -t), v. to sneeze; f. eitri, to blow out poison.
fogl (-s, -ar), m. = fugl, bird.
folald, n. young fool.
fold, f. earth; foldu (dat.) on earth.
fold-vegr, m. = fold.
fora, m. (1) dangerous place or situation, abyss, pit; (2) ogre, monster ( ert et mesta f.).
foras-hr, a. terribly tall;
-illr, a. abominable;
-ver, n. abominable weather.
fortta, f. pretext; finna e-t til forttu, to plead as one's excuse.
for-beini, m. furtherance;
-berg, n.

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