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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


fimtugr, a. (1) fifty years old; (2) measuring fifty (ells, fathoms).
fimtungr, m. the fifth part.
fingr (gen. fingrar or fingrs; pl. fingr). m. finger (fingr digrir); rtta e-m f., to point one's finger at.
fingr-brjttr, m. wrong move (in chess);
-gull, n. finger-ring of gold;
-mjr, a. thin-fingered.
fingrungr (-s, -ar), m. finger-ring.
finna (finn; fann, fundum; fundinn), v. (1) to find ( fundu eir Hjrleif dauan); (2) to meet one (ok vildi eigi f. Hkon konung); (3) to visit, to interview (gakk at f. konung); (4) to find out, invent (rnar munt finna); (5) to discover (ok fundu ar land mikit); (6) fig. to find, perceive, notice, feel (fundu eir brtt, at); (7) f. e-m e-t, to find fault with, blame (at eitt finn ek Gunnlaugi, at (8) with preps., f. e-t, to come across, fall in with (=hitta e-t); impers., fann at , it could be perceived; fann ltt honum, hvrt, it was little to be seen whether, etc.; f. at e-u, to find fault with, censure, blame; f. e-t til, to bring forward, give as a reason (hvat finnr til ess?); (9) refl., finnast til e-s, to be pleased with; impers., fannst Grmi ftt til hans, Grim was little pleased with him; lta sr ltit um finnast, to pay little heed to, rather dislike; lvi fannst mikit um hann, lvir admired him much.
Finna, f. Finn woman.
Finnar, m. pl. Finns (usually the early non-Aryan inhabitants of Norway and Sweden; not identical with the modern Lapps or Finns).
Finn-fer, -fr, f., -kaup, n. travelling or trading with the Finns;
-glkn, n. fabulous monster;
-kona, f. = Finna;
, n. Finland;
-lendingar, m. pl. the Finns;
-mrk, f. Finmark;
-skattr, m. tribute paid by the Finns.
finnskr, a. Finnish.
firar, m. pl. poet. men, people.
firin-verk, n. pl. poet. abominations.
firn, n. pl. abomination, monstrous thing.
firna (a), v. to blame, reproach (f. e-n e-s, e-n um e-t).
firna-, gen. pl., used as an intensive prefix with adjectives and nouns;
firna-djarfr, a. very daring;
-frost, n. awful frost;
-fullr, a. awful;
-harr, a. violent.
firr, adv. compar. of fjarri,
first, adv. superl., see 'fjarri".
firra (-a, -r), v. (1) f. e-n augum, to lose sight of; (2) to deprive one of (f. e-n e-u); (3) to save, defend (f. e-n mli); (4) refl. to keep away from, shun, avoid (firrast fund e-s).
firri, a. compar. farther off; f er fjrvi firra, money is less dear than life. cf. 'fjarri'.
firring, f. shunning, removal.
fiska (a), v. to fish (= fiskja).
fiska-kaup, n. purchase of (dried) fish;
-std, f. fishing-place;
-stng, f. = fiskistng;
-ver' n. = fiskiver.
fisk-bein, n. fish-bone;
-bleikr, a. pale as fish;
-gengd, f. shoal of fish
-hryggr, m. fish-spine.
fiski (gen. fiskjar), f. fishing; ra fara til fiskjar, to go a fishing.
fiski-btr, m. fishing-boat;
-fang, n. catch of fish; pl. (-fng), stores of fish;
-gengd, f. shoal of fish;
-karl, m. fisherman;
-kufl, m. fishing-jacket;
-ligr, a. fit for fishing;
-lkr, m. a brook full of fish, fish-brook;
-mar, m. fisherman.
fiskinn, a. good at fishing.
fiski-rr, m. rowing out for fish;
-saga, f. fish-news;
-skli, m. fishermen's hut;
-skip, n. fishing-boat;
-stng, f. fishing-spear;
-veitr, f. catching of fish;
-ver, n. fishing place or station.
fiskja (-ta, -t), v. to fish (=fiska).
fiskr (-s, -ar), m. fish; flatr f., heilagr f., flat-fish, halibut.
fisk-reki, m. 'fish-driver' (a kind of whale).
fit (pl. fitjar), f. (1) webbed foot of swimming birds; flipper (of a seal); (2) meadow-land on the banks of a lake or river.
fita, f. fat, grease.
fitja (a), v. to web, knit (hann lt f. saman fingrna).

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