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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


many expenses to defray;
-snaur, a. poor in money, penniless;
-snkja, -snkni, f. intruding as a parasite, begging;
-snr, m. lucre;
-sparr, a. sparing close-fisted;
-spjll, n. pl. spells to get wealth.
festa (-sta, -str), v. (1) to make fast, fasten (f. skip, bt, hval); (2) to hang up (= f. upp); f. glga, to hang on the gallows; f. t til erris, to hang out for drying; f. e-t vi e-t, to fasten to a thing in various fig. phrases, festa trna e-t, to believe in; f. hug vi e-t, to fix the mind upon; f. yndi, to feel happy (in a place); f. e-t minni, to fix in the memory; also absol., f. kvi, to learn a poem by heart; (4) to settle, stipulate; f. stt ml, to make a settled agreement; f. jrn, to pledge oneself to the ordeal of red-hot iron; (5) to betroth (f. e-m dttur sna); (6) impers. to cleave, stick fast (spjtit festi skildinum); eld festir, the fire catches, takes hold; bein (acc.) festir, the bone unites (after a fracture) : (7) refl., festast, to grow to, stick fast to (nafnit festist vi hann); bardagi festist, the battle closes up fast.
festa, f. bail, pledge (svardagi ok f.).
festar-auga, f. loop or eye at the end of a rope (festr);
-endi, m. end of a rope;
-f, n. dowry;
-garmr, m. chain-dog;
-hald, n. holding the rope;
-hundr, m. = - garmr;
-hll, m. peg, for a rope;
-kona, f. betrothed woman;
-mar, m. betrothed man;
-ml, n. pl. betrothal, alliance;
-mr, f. = festar-kona;
-penningr, m. pledge bail;
-vttr, m. a witness at a betrothal;
-vtti, n. evidence to a betrothal;
-l, n. betrothal-ale.
f-sterkr, a. wealthy, rich.
festi-liga, adv. firmly, violently.
festing, f. (1) fixing, fastening, (2) firmament;
festning, f., firmament;
festningar-himinn, m. firmament;
festr (gen. festar, dat. and acc. festi; pl. festar), f. (1) rope, cord, cable (for mooring a ship to the shore); (2) pl. betrothals (festar fara fram).
festu-mar, m. bail, surety.
f-sla, f. wealth;
-sll, a. wealthy;
-stt, f. an agreement as to payment (of weregild);
-sk, f. suit, action for money.
fet, (1) pace, step; ganga (stga) feti framarr, to go a step forward; fara fullum fetum, to go at full pace; fetum (dat.) as adv. at a pace; (2) as a measure, foot.
feta (fet, fat, --), v. (1) to step, find one's way (f. lei, heim); (2) poet. with infin., hve ek yrkja fat, how I managed to make my poem.
f-taka, f. taking (receiving) money.
feti, m. blade of an axe.
fetill (dat. fetli; pl. fetlar), m. strap (of a shield or sword).
f-vani, a. short of money;
-vn, f. expectancy of money;
-vnliga, adv. in a manner promising profit;
-vnligr, a. profitable;
-vnn, a. = -vaen-ligr;
-vxtr, m. increase in one's proterty, gain, profit
feykja (-ta, -t), v. (1) to blow, toss (f. e-u); (2) to rush (hann feykir inn hsit).
f-urfi, a. in need of money.
fila, f. fiddle;
filari, m. fidaler.
firar, a. feathered (of arrows).
firi, m. feathers, Plumage.
fimbul-fambi, m. monstrous fool;
-lj, n. pl. mighty songs;
-tr, m. mighty god;
-vetr, m. the great and awful winter;
-ulr, m. the mighty sage or speaker.
fim-leikr, m. nimbleness, agility;
-liga, adv. nimbly;
-ligr, a. nimble.
fimm, card. numb. five.
fimr, a. nimble, agile (f. vi leika).
fimt, f. number of five.
fimtn, card. numb. fifteen.
fimtndi, ord. numb. fifteenth.
fimtn-sessa, f. a ship with fifteen rowers' benches.
fimtar-dmr, m. the Fifth or High Court (of law) in the Icelandic Commonwealth.
fimtardms-eir, m. the oath to be taken in the Fifth Court;
-lg, n. pl. the institution of the Fifth Court;
-ml, n. an action before the Fifth Court;
-stefna, f. a citation before the Fifth Court
fimtar-tala, f. the number of five.
fimti, ord. numb. fifth.

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