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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


fellu-jrn, n. wrought iron.
felms-fullr, a. alarmed, frightened.
felmta (-mta, -mtr), v. to be in a state of fright and alarm (fari menn stilliliga ok felmti eigi); felmtr, frightened (fara f.); e-m verr felmt vi, one gets frightened.
felmtr, m. sudden fear, fright (slr felmt e-n).
felt, adv. fearfully, in fearful mood (fra f. eygi).
f-mar, m. moneyed man;
-ml, n. pl. money matters;
-mikill, a. (1) moneyed, rich; (2) valuable, costly;
-mildr, a. open-handed ( = mildr af f);
-missa, f. loss of property;
-munir, m. pl. valuables, property;
-mta, f. bribe in money;
-mtr, a. valuable.
fen (gen. pl. fenja), n. bog, quagmire (mrar ok fen) .
fna (a), v. impers., e-m fnar, one gains (fnai r n).
fnar (gen. -ar), m. sheep, cattle.
fengi, n. booty, = herfang;
fengi-liga, adv. advantageously (dreyma -liga).
fenginn, pp. fitted (vel til e-s f.).
fengi-sll, a. making a good haul.
feng-ltill, a. of little value.
fengr (gen. fengjar), m. (1) haul, take; (2) gain, booty (verr ltit til fengjar); (3) store, supply.
feng-samr, a. making large provision;
-semi, f. being fengsamr.
f-ningr, m. miser.
fenjttr, a. boggy (cf. 'fen').
fenna (-ta, -t), v. to cover with snow; impers., fennti f, the sheep were snowed up.
f-nta (-tta, -ttr), v. to turn to account, make use of (-nta sr e-t);
-ntr, a. that will bring in money;
-penningr, m. penny-worth, money;
-pynd, f. extortion;
-r, n. pl. advice in money matters;
-rn, n. plunder.
frns-dmr, m. court of execution.
fer, f. (1) journey (gera fer sna heiman); vera fer me e-m, to travel with one; (2) conduct, behaviour (kurteiss fer).
fera-mar, m. traveller.
ferar-broddr, m. van (= fararbroddr);
-binn, pp. ready for a journey;
-leyfl, n. leave to travel.
ferast (a), v. refl. to travel.
fera-stafr, m. walking-staff, pilgrim's staff.
ferugr, a. ready (eigi var hann f. at fara essa fer).
fer-elingr, m. a fish four ells long;
-falda (a), v. to make fourfold, multiply, by four;
-faldr, a. fourfold;
-ftingr, a quadruped;
fttr, a. four footed;
-hyrndr, a. with four corners, square.
f-rikr, a. rich, wealthy.
ferill (dat. ferli), m. (1) track, trace; (2) vera ferli, to be on the move, out of bed; (3) traveller (veg-, Rm-ferill).
ferja (a, old form fara, farr), v. to ' ferry over a river or strait.
ferja, f. ferry-boat, large boat.
ferju-r, f. ferryman's oar;
-bi, m. one who lives near a ferry;
-karl, m. ferryman, boatman;
mar, m. = -karl;
-skattr, m. ferry toll;
-skip, n. = ferja;
-smi, f. making a ferja.
fer-liga, adv. monstrously;
-lig-leikr, m. monstrosity;
-ligr, a. monstrous, hideous;
-lkan, n. monstrous shape, monster;
-lki, n. = lkan.
ferma (-da, -dr), v. to load, lade (f. skip af e-u).
ferming, f. confirmation.
fernir (fernar, fern), a. distrib. (a set of) four.
fer-skeyta, (-tta, -ttr), v. to square;
-skeyttr, a. square;
-strendr, a. four-edged, four-sided;
-tugandi, a. fortieth;
-tugfaldr, a. forty-old;
-tugr, a. (1) forty years old; (2) measuring forty (ells, fathoms, etc.); fertug drpa, a poem of forty verses;
-rr, a. four-oared.
f-samr, a. lucrative;
-stt, f. agreement as to payment;
-sekr, a. fined, sentenced to a fine;
-sekt, f. fine;
-snki, f. niggardliness;
-snkr, a. niggardly;
-sjr, m. bag of money;
-sjkr, a. greedy of money;
-skai, m. loss in money;
-skipti, n. division of property;
-skjlgr, a., fskjlg augu, eyes squinting towards money;
-skortr, m. shortness of money;
-skuld, f. money debt;
-skurr, m. detriment;
-skygn, a. covetous;
-skylft, a. n., e-m er fskylft, one has

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