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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


of the Niflungs is in my hands alone; man hér öll vár vinátta undir felast, all our friendship will depend upon this; f. e-n á brott, to put one out for alimentation : f. e-n inni = f. e-n á brott; sá bóandi, er hann felr sik inni, the man with whom he boards and lodges; f búfé inni at e-m, to put out (cattle, sheep) to one to keep; (3) refl. felast, to hide oneself (mörg leyni ţau, er f. mátti í); f. í fađmi e-m, to be locked in one's arms; f á hendi e-m, to put oneself in another's hands, enter his service (Kolskeggr falst á hendi Sveini Dana-konungi).
, n. fellowship, partnership; eiga -lag saman, to be partners; eiga (hafa) félag vid e-n, hafa félag e-s, to be in partnership wilh one: leggja til félag viđ e-n, to enter into partnership with one; leggja til félags, to contribute to a common land; skipta. til félags, to share in a partnership.
félaga-erfđ, f. a partner's inheritance.
fé-lagi, m. (1) partner, shareholder of any kind; also used of married people, partner, mate (hvat segir ţú mér frá Hrúti, félaga ţinum); ek vil skilja viđ félaga minn, I wish to part with my mate; (2) fellow, mate, comrade; góđr (gamansamr) félagi, a good (merry) fellow; félagi minn ok frćndi, my comrade and kinsman.
félag-leikr, m. friendliness;
-ligr, a. friendly, kind (e-m, viđ e-n).
félags-bú, n. joint household;
-fé, n. common fund;
-gřrđ, f. (1) entrance into partnership; (2) contract (nema annan veg hati mćlt verit í fégřrđ ţeirra.)
-hross, n. a horse owned in partnership with others.
félagskap-ligr, a. = félagligr.
félag-skapr (gen. -skapar), m. (1) fellowship, partnership; (2) companionship, friendship; gřrđist ţar brátt -skapr góđr, they soon became intimate friends; binda saman lag sitt ok -skap, to enter into close alliance.
félags-lagning, f. entering into partnership;
-mađr, m. partner;
-vćtti, n. a witness in matters of a félag.
fé-lauss, a. penniless, poor;
-laust, adv. gratis, = kauplaust;
-lát, n. loss of money.
feldar-blađ, n. = -skaut;
-dálkr, m. cloak-pin;
-röggvar, f. pl. the long hairs of the outside of a cloak;
-skaut, n. the skirt of a cloak;
-slitr, n. tatters of a cloak.
feldr (-ar, -ir), m. cloak.
feldr, pp. fitted; vera vel (illa) f. til e-s, to be well (ill) fitted for a thing; neut., ţér er ekki felt at, it is not for thee to.
fé-leysi, n. want of money;
-ligr, a. valuable, handsome (esp., ekki féligr);
-lítill, a. (1) short of money, poor; (2) of little value (félitill skógr).
feljóttr, a. shabby, rough (verja feljótt sem laki).
fell, n. 'fell', (isolated) hill, mounntain. cf. 'fjall'.
fella (-da, -dr), v. (1) to fell, make fall; f. víđ, to fell timber; f. segl, to take down sails; (2) to kill, slay (in battle); f. e-n. frá landi, to slay or dethrone (a king); f. fénađ sinn, to lose one's sheep or cattle from cold or hunger; (3) to cause to cease, abolish (f. blót ok blótdrykkjur); f. rœđu sína, to close one's speech; f. niđr, to put an end to, abandon, give up; f. niđr ţann átrúnađ: (4) f. heitstrenging á sik, to bring down on one's head the curse of a broken vow; (5) to tongue and groove, to fit; f. stokk á horn, to put a board on the horns of a savage bull; (6) fig., f. ást (hug) til e-s, to turn one's mind (love) towards one, to fall in love with; f. bćn at e-m, to address prayer to one, to beg of one; f. sik viđ e-t, to fit oneself to a thing: f. sik mjök viđ umrœđuna, to take a warm part in the debate.
fella, f. (1) framework, a framed board; (2) mouse-trap.
felli-hurđ, f. trap-door;
-kápa, f. a kind off plaid.
felling, f. (1) felling, knocking down (2) joining, framing.
fellir, m. death, esp. of cattle.
felli-sótt, f. sudden illness;
-vetr, m. a hard winter when the cattle die of cold or hunger.

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