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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


f-fang, n. booty;
-fastr, a. close-fisted, = fastr af f;
-ftt, a. n. in want of money (e-m er or verr fftt);
-fellir, m. loss of sheep (from plague or starvation);
-festi, f. close-fistedness;
-fletta (-tta, ttr), v. to strip (one) of money, cheat (one);
-frekr, a. greedy for money;
-fng, n. pl. booty, plunder, spoil, cf. 'ffang' .
-gefinn, pp. given for (and to) gain.
fegin-leikr, m. joyfulness.
feginn, a. glad, joyful; vera f. to rejoice; fegnari en fr megi segja, happy beyond description; with dat., Ingi konungr varhonum hinn fegnasti, king Ingi was delighted with his coming; illu f. ver aldrigi, never rejoice in mischief; taka vi e-m fegins hendi, to receive one joyfully, with heart and hand; finnast fegins degi, to meet on the day of joy, at the resurrection.
fegin-saga, f. joyfull news;
-samliga, adv. joyfully;
-samligr, a. joyful.
f-girnd, -girni, f. avarice;
-gjald, n. payment, fine;
-gjarn, a. covetous, avaricious;
-gjf, f. gift of money;
-gloggr, a. close-handed;
-gr, a. good, current (i fgum peningum).
fegra (a or -a), v. to embellish, beautify; kanna siu inanna ok f. to improve, better; ekki arf at orum at f. there is no use trying to extenuate it; f. um e-t, to mend, polish up.
fegr, f. beauty (f. slarinnar).
fegrar-fullr, a. beautiful;
-lauss, a. void of beauty.
fe-gri, n. pl., security for property;
-gyrll, m. money-bag, purse (worn on the belt);
-gtni, f. saving habits;
-gfugr, a. blessed with wealth;
-hirir, m. (1) herd, shepherd; (2) treasurer;
-hirzla, f. (1) treasury (2) treasure.
fhirzlu-hs, n. treasure-house;
-mar, m. treasurer.
f-hs, n. (1) = fjs, cattle-house; (2) treasury.
feig, f. approach, foreboding, or sign of death ( stt egar dag feigina honum).
feigar-greip, f. hand of death.
feig-ligr, a. (1) looking `fey-like'; (2) boding death.
feigr, a. fated to die, fey; ekki m feigum fora, there is no saving, or rescuing, a 'fey' man; standa, ganga feigum ftum, to tread on the verge of ruin; mla feigum munni, to talk wilh a 'fey' mouth; vilja e-n feigan, to wish one's death;dead (fyllist fjrvi feigra manna).
feikn, a. awful, terrible.
feikn, f. portent, terrible things.
feikna-li n. terrible host;
-ver, n. fearful weather, tempest.
feikin-stafir, m. pl. balejul runes, evils, curses.
feilast, v. refl. to falter, be timid (Sinfjtli lt sr ekki feilast).
feima, f. bashful girl.
feita (-tta, -ttr), v. to fatten.
feiti, f. fatness.
feiting, f. fattening.
feit-leikr, m. fatness feiti.
feitr, a. fat.
f-ktr, a. proud of one's wealth;
-kostnar, m. expenditure, expense;
-kostr, m. = -kostnar;
krkar, m. pl. 'money-crooks'; viz. wrinkles about the eyes, marking a greedy man (sndist Hallfrei fkrkar augum hans).
fel, f. the folded skirt of a cloak (?).
fela (fel; fal, flum; flginn), v. (1) to hide, conceal (flu eir gullit Rn : r austr ok vestr enda flu); fel sver itt, sheathe thy sword; yrkja flgit, to use obscure phrases (in poetry); impers., fal sn (acc.) milli eirra, they lost sight of one another; (2) f. e-m e-t, to make over, to give in trust or charge to one; hann fal ni allan arm val, he gave all the slain to Odin; mey frumunga fal hann (entrusted to) megi Gjka; f. e-m e-t hendi, to commit a thing to one's charge, to commend; flu sik ok slir snar gui almttkum hendi, they commended themselves and their souls to God Almighty; f. e-t undir ei sinn (egnskap sinn), to vouch upon one's oath (upon one's honour); f. e-t undir e-m, to put under one's charge; er und einum mr ll um folgin hodd Niflunga, the whole hoard

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