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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


fr, was cold to her for a long time; neut. ftt, coolness; var ftt um me eim brrum, the brothers were on indifferent terms; ftt var meeim Hrti um samfarar, there was a coolness between H. and his wife; hvrt er var milli eirra mart ea ftt, whether they, stood on good or bad terms, were friendly or not.
fr, n. (1) bale, harm, mischief; lesa f. um e-n, to speak foul calumnies of one; af fri, from evil passion; ef ek vissa þat f. fyrir, if I could foresee that bale; full skal signa ok vi fra sj, and so prevent harm from it; at er f. mikit ('tis a bad omen), ef fti drepr; (2) dangerous illness (l hann essu fri nr viku); (3) fraud false dealing.
f-rr, a. perplexed, helpless.
fr-hugr, m. wrath, grudge;
-kaldi, m. piercing coldness (-kuldi vers);
-leikr, m. disaster; liga. adv. (1) wrathfully; (2) abominably;
-ligr, a. harmful, disastrous;
-ramr, a. terribly strong.
frs-fullr, a. ill-natured, malignant.
frs-skapr, m. fierceness.
frs-kona,f. wicked woman;
-mar, m. wicked man.
fr-stt, f. pestilence;
-verkr, m. severe pain;
-viri n. baleful weather, tempest;
-yri, n. pl. foul language.
f-rddr, pp. little spoken of (ar var frt um);
-rinn, a. chary of words (= fmligr, fori;
-snn, a. seldom seen, rare;
-sinni, n. loneliness, isolation;
-skiptinn, a. little meddling, quiet;
-skrigr, -skrligr, a. meagre, poor;
-skrliga, adv. foolishly (spyrja fskrliga);
-skrligr, a. foolish, silly;
-staar, adv. in few places;
-talar, pp. (1) = -orr; (2) having few vowel-sounds;
-tindi, n. pl. rare occurrence;
-tliga, adv. rarely;
-tiligr, a., -tir, a. uncommon, rare;
-tkdmr, m. poverty;
-tki, n. want, poverty; ganga ftki, to go a begging;
ftkis-dmr, m. = ftkdmr;
-flk, n. poor folk;
-land, n. land of affliction;
-li, n. poor people;
-mar, m. poor man.
ftk-leikr, m. poverty;
-liga, adv. poorly;
-ligr, a. poorly, poor.
f-tkr, a. poor;
-tkt, f. poverty;
-vingar, pp. having few friends (hafa fvingat);
-vitr, a. unwise, foolish, silly;
-vitra, -vizka, f. unwisdom, folly;
-vizkr, a. = fvitr;
-viss, a. foolish.
f (gen. fjr) n. (1) cattle, esp. sheep; eir rku fit (the sheep) upp geilarnar; gta fjr, to herd or tend sheep; ganganda fé, live stock, opp. to 'dautt fé', or 'liggjanda f' valuables, money; (2) property, money (hvrt sem f at er land er annat f); fyrirgra f ok fjrvi, to forfeit property and life; f er fjrvi firr, life is dearer than money; f veldr frnda rgi, money makes foes of kinsmen; afla sr fjr ok frgar (frama), to gain wealth and fame; hr er f at (the money), er Gunnarr greiddi; iggit at, herra, f er vi, there is value in it; pl. f (dat. fjm), property, means.
faunu-mar, m. a man lucky with his sheep;
f-bo, n. offer of money.
fbta-laust, adv. without any compensation being paid.
f-brg, n. pl. devices for making money;
-btr, f. pl. compensation, esp. as weregild, opposed to 'mannhefndir.'
fegar, m. pl. father and son (or sons); vi f. we, father and son; vin eirra Sturlu fega, a friend of Sturla and his father.
fegin, n. (1) father or mother (hvrttveggja feginit); (2) pl. parents; vrra fyrstu fegina, of our first parents; f. ea n-frndr, parents or near kinsfolk; hj feginum snum ok forellrismnnum, by his parents and forefathers.
fema (a), v. to span or encompass with the arms.
fer, m. father, = far
fer-betrungr, m, = furbetrungr
n. fatherland, = furland;
-munir, m. pl. patrimony.
f-drengr, m. open-handed man (-drengr gr vi sna vini,;
-drjgr, a. rich in sheep and cattle.

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