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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


fst); Helgi leitai , ef Sigurr vildi fst vi orvald, if S. would try ,with Th.; segir hann ljga ok fst rgi, and deal in slander; fst vid e-t = f. e-u; f. vi e-n, to have to do with, to contend with one (H. segist vilja ... fst eigi vi fjnda enna); to, wrestle (grapple) with one (skaltu fst vi blmann vrn).
f (f, fa, fr), v. to draw, paint; f rnar, to draw runes or magic characters; vr hfum fa unga bri vegg, we have painted the young bride on the wall; gulli fr, gilded.
f-bygr, pp. thinly peopled.
fdma-mikill, a. uncommonly great (hgg fdma-mikit).
f-dmi, pl. exceptional things; vera me fdmum, to be exceptional, portentuous;
-dmiligr, a. exceptional, extraordinary.
fdmis-heimska, f. extraordinary foolishness.
f-einir, a. pl. only a few (= fir einir);
-frr, a. ignorant;
-fri, f. want of knowledge, ignorance.
fga (a), v. (1) to adorn, embellish (gjr fgu me brgum); (2) to polish, clean = fgja (hn fgar ok vr ftr eirra allra); (3) to take care (charge) of, to tend (f. farslulausa, sjka); (4) to cultivate (f. rangan trn; f. jrina, to till the earth (5) to worship (f. heiin go).
fgan, f. worship (f. gua).
fganar-mar, m. worshipper.
fgandi (pl. -endr), m., cultivator, worshipper (vingars fgandi, fgari skurgoa).
fgari, m. cultivator, worshipper (vingars fgandi, fgari skurgoa).
f-gljar, pp. of little glee, sad.
fgu-ligr, a. neatly polished.
f-gtr, a. scarce, rare, uncommon;
-heyrr, pp., unusual;
-heyriligr, a. unusual;
-hjar, a. few in family (var r fhjat);
-hfr, a. of little use.
fi, m. image, figure.
finn, a. polished, stained.
f-ktr, a. sad, in low spirits.
fk-hestr, m. = fkr.
f-klddr, pp. having few clothes only thinly clad.
fkr (-s, -ar), m. horse (poet.).
f-kunnandi, f.,-kunnasta, f. ignorance;
-kunnigr, a. ignorant;
-kunnleikr, m. = -kunnasta;
-kunnligr, a. unusual, rare;
-kynsl, n. pl. -kynstr, n. shocking accident.
fla, f. giantess, hag, witch.
f-ltr, a. silent, reserved;
-leikr, m. coldness, melancholy (taka fleika ok gflei);
-lia, a. indecl., with few followers;
-liar, -lia, with few followers;
-liga, adv. coldly, (fell me eim heldrfliga);
-ligr, a. cold, reserved.
flka-kaup, n. purchase of falcons;
-veitr, f. catching of falcons.
flki, m. falcon.
flma (a), v. to fumble, grope about (f. hondum, saxi); f. til e-s, to try to get hold of one (Hrappr vildi f. til mn); (2) flinch (f. af hrzlu).
f-lyndi, n. steadfastness, faithfulness;
-lyndr, a. steadfast, faithful, opp. to , 'fjllyndr';
-mligr, a. chary of words, reticent;
-menni, n. few people;
-mennr, a. having few followers (fara fmennt);
-mltr, a. = -mligr;
-nefndr, pp. seldom mentioned;
-ntr, a. of little use;
-orr, a. sparing of words.
fr (f, ftt; compar. fri or frri, supl. ftr), a. (1) few; me f lii vi f menn, with few men; fir ( = fir menn), few; fir einir, only a few; fm orum, in few words; the sing. often instead of plur., esp. in old sayings (fr er fagr, ef grtr; f. bregr hinu betra, ef hann veit hit verra); neut. ftt, few things (ftt veit s er sefr); var eigi boit fra en hundrai, no fewer than a hundred were invited; ftt af eirra mnnum, only a few of their men; with gen., ftt manna, few men; ftt gs, but little good; eir ugu ftt at sr, they feared little for their own safety; with numerals, ftt , less than, short of, save; vetri ftt fjra tigu, forty years all but one, thirty-nine years; ltit ftt fimm tigi vetra, little short of fifty years; hlfum eyri ftt tta merkr, eight marks less half an ounce; sex menn it fsta, six men at least; (2) cold, reserved, in low spirits = fltr; var Gunnarr vi hana lengi

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