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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


fatt-skolptar, a. with upturned snout.
fauska-grptr, m. digging dry logs out of the earth for fuel.
fauskr (-s, -ar), m. a rotten dry log (finn fauskr, forn fauskr).
fax, n. mane; poet., vallar fax, the field's mane, wood.
faxar, pp. maned, having a mane.
f (f; fekk, fengum; fenginn), v. (1) to grasp with the hands, get hold of; hn hefir fengit einn stein, she has taken a stone; (2) to take, capture (fengu eir Gunnar); (3) to get, gain, win; s fr er frjr, he that woos wins; f fljs st, to win a woman's love; hann ba konunnar ok fekk heitit hennar, he asked the woman in marriage and got the promise of her hand; f sitt eyrindi, to accomplish one's errand; f hrra hlut, to get the better of it; f gar vitkur, to get a good reception; f skilning . e-u, to get knowledge of; (4) to suffer endure; f sigr, to be defeated; f skaa, to suffer harm; f vit, to fall senseless, to faint; f lflt, to fall lifeless; f bana, to come by one's death; (5) to get, procure; hann fekk sr gott kvnfang, he got a good wife; (6) to give, deliver to one, put into one's hands; f mr (give me) leppa tv r hri inu; fit n konungi festu (give the king bail) er honum lki; f e-m sk, to charge one; var s sveinn fenginn hendr okkr, delivered into our hands; f e-m e-t at geyma, to give a thing into one's charge (= f e-m e-t til geymslu); (7) with pp. following, to be able to; f e-n veiddan, to be able to catch one; hon fr me engu mti vakit , she could by no means awaken them; eir munu mik aldri f stt, they will never be able to overcome me; fengu eir honum ekki nt, they could not catch him; skaltu hvergi f undan hokat, thou shall have no chance of sneaking away; hann fekk eigi vss orit, he could not make out for certain; (8) with gen., to get, take, gain, win; eir fengu fjr mikils, they took a rich booty; vel er ess fengit, it is well earned, well done; hann var eigi skld, ok hann hafi ei eirrar listar fengit, he had not received that gift; f verar, to take a meal; hann tekk sr sveitar (he raised a band) ok grist illvirki; f konu, to get a wife, marry (hon var tjn vetra, er orsteinn fekk hennar); (9) to conceive, of sheep and cattle (f burar, lambs); (10) to touch, affect; at fekk mikils hinum hertekna manni, it touched the captive deeply, fr orbirni sv mjk (Th. was so much moved), at hann grtr; (11) impers., one can get or find; vpn sv g, at eigi fr nnur slk, that the like are not to be got; at varla fi vitrara mann, that a wiser man is hardly to be found; also, one may or can (do something); at skip fr vel varit eldi, that ship can well be guarded against fire; (12) with preps.; f af sr (with infin.) to bring oneself to; eir fengu af verra, they got the worse of it; f at veizlu, brkaupi, blti, to get provisions for a feast (hann fekk at blti miklu); s dagr er at jlum skal f, the day when preparations are to be made for Yule (cf. 'atfangadagr '); f e-u, to get hold of, grasp with the hand; fair Ma fekk remi, the father of M. caught hold of the brim; f e-n, to touch, affect one, move (opt f horskan lostfagrir, litir); lta e-t sik f, to be (deeply) affected by, take it to heart; drykkr fr e-n, the drink intoxicates one (er drykkr fekk Hkon jarl); f e-t, to take hold of, grasp with the hand (= f e-u); foruu fingrum, fengu snri, they took hold of the strings; f e-t or e-s til, to get, procure (var kirkja gr ok kennimanna til fengit); f e-n til at gra e-t, to get one to do a thing; eir fengu menn til at ryja skip sitt, they got men to clear their ship f til e-s, to lay hold of; ar var fjld fjr, fengu til margir, there was wealth of money, and many took a share of it; (13) refl., fst e-u, to be busy, exert oneself, engage in a matter (drttningin mtti ar ekki

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