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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


fitje-skammr, a. having short flippers (selr ekki fitjaskammr).
fitna (a), v. to become fat.
ffil-bleikr, a. dandelion-yellow.
ffill, m. dandelion.
ffl, n. fool, clown, boor.
ffla, f. wanton girl, romp.
ffla (-da, -dr), v. to beguile, seduce; refl., fflast, to act as a seducer.
fflingar , m. pl. beguilement.
ffl-megir, m. pl. monsters, giants.
fflska, f, foolishness, folly.
fflsku-fullr, a. full of folly.
ffl-yri, n. pl. foolish language.
ffrildi, n. butterfly.
fkjast (t), v. refl. to have an eager desire ( e-t, for a thing).
fll (-s, -ar), m. elephant.
fnn, a. fine, smooth (rare).
ftons-andi, m. spirit of prophecy heathen soothsaving. (From med. Latin. Phiton for Python.)
fjarar, a. feathered (= firar).
fjara-spjt, n. = fjr-spjt.
fjar-broddr, m. point of a spearblade;
-hamr, m. feather-coat;
-lauss, a. featherless;
-srr, a. 'feather-sore', moulting;
-spjt, n. a kind of spear.
fjala-br, f a bridge of planks (fjl);
-kottr, m. mouse-trap.
fjal-hgg, n. chopping-block.
fjall, n. mountian, fell.
fjalla-dalr, m. dale, valley;
-gol, n. light breeze from the mountains;
-sn, f. mountain-view.
fjall-berg, n. crag, precipice;
-byg, f. district among fells;
-dalr, m. dale in the fells;
-fer, f. mountain excursion;
-garr, m. range of mountains;
-hagi, m. mountain pasture;
-mar, m. a man searching the fells for sheep;
rapi, m. dwarf-birch.
fjalls-brn, f. brow (edge) of a mountain;
-hl, f. mountain-side;
-mli, m. a hill projecting between two valleys.
fjall-stong f. fellman's staff;
-vegr, m. mountain road;
-vindr, m. wind blowing from the mountains, opp. to 'hafvindr'.
fjara, f. (1) ebb-tide, ebb; (2) fore-shore, beach (var skgr milli fjalls ok fjru).
fjara (a), v. impers. to ebb; skip (acc.) fjarar uppi, fjarar undan skipi, the ship is left aground, or remains, high and dry.
fjar-borinn, pp. remotely related.
fjara-gol, n. a breeze blowing out of the firths.
fjarar-botn, m. botton, or head of a firth;
-horn, n. creek at the head of a firth;
-ss, m. ice in a firth, land-ice;
-kjaptr, m. mouth of a firth.
-mynni, n. mouth of a firth.
fjarg, n. heathen,God (poet.).
fjarg-hs, n. heathen temple.
fjar-kominn, pp. by no means entitled or obliged to (til e-s);
-lgjast (), v. refl. to withdraw (recede) from;
-lgr, a. far off, distant.
fjarra-fleinn, m, landlouper (rare).
fjarri (firr, first), adv. (1) far off (sv at f. flugu brotin); with dat. far from (slu f); standa f. e-m, to stand far from one; compar., firr, farther off farit firr hsi, keep off from the house; allt er fjrvi firr, life is the nearest (dearest) thing; firr meirr, farther aloof (bndamgrinn sat firr meirr); (2) fig., taka e-u fjarri, to take a thing coldly, show disinclination, refuse (Ormr tk v ekki f.); ok er at ekki f. hennar skapi, it is not far from her mind; f. ferr v, far from it, by no means; n s ek eigi, at mr mtti firr um fara en r, now I see not how I can fare worse than thou; (3) far from, bereft of; f. fermunum, bereft of my patrimony.
fjarski, m. far distance; vera (liggja) fjarska, to be (lie) afar off.
fjar-str, a. far off; -sttt er um fl vrt, there is a great difference between our strengths;
-snis, adv. at a great distance;
-tki, n. refusal (hafa -tki um e-t);
-tk, n. pl. = tki;
-vist, f. living far off.
fj (early form fa), v. to hate; refl., fjst e-n = fj e-n.
fjr, a. moneyed, rich (f. vel).
fjnda-kraptr, m. fiendish power.
fjndi (pl. fjndr), m. (1) enemy, foe; gefat num fjndum fri, give no truce to thy foes; (2) fiend, devil.
fjnd-liga, adv. fiendishly;

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