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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


Gungnir; f. me goor, to hold a goor; f. me sk, to manage a lawsuit; to practice, deal in; f. me rn, to deal in robbery; f. me spott ok h, to go scoffing and mocking; f. me galdra ok fjlkyngi, to practice sorcery; to deal with, treat, handle ( munt bezt ok hgligast me hann fara); f. af hlji me e-t, to keep matters secret; f. me e-m, to go with one, follow one (ek skal me yr f. me allan minn styrk); f. me e-u, to do (so and so) with a thing, to deal with, manage; hvernig eir skyldu f. me vpnum snum, what they were to do with their weapons; s mar, er me arfinum ferr, who manages the inheritance; f. me mlum snum, to manage one's case; f. vel me snum httum, to bear oneself well; undarliga fara munkar essir me sr, these monks behave strangely; f. me barni, to go with child; impers., ferr me eim heldr fliga, they are on indifferent terms; f. r landi, to leave the country; f. r klum, ftum, to take off one's clothes, undress; f. saman, to go together; to shake, shudder; fr en forna fold ll saman, shivered all through; to concur, agree (hversu m at saman f); f. til svefns, to go to sleep (= f. at sofa); f. um e-t, to travel over (f. um fjall); f. hndum um e-n, to stroke or touch one with the hands (hann fr hndum um , er sjkir vru); f. mrgum orum um e-t, to dilate upon a subject; f. myrkt um e-t, to keep a matter dark; f. undan, to excuse oneself (from doing a thing), to decline, refuse (hvat berr til, at ferr undan at gera mr veizluna); bor fara upp, the tables are removed; f. t, to go from Norway to Iceland; to come to a close, run out (fru sv t essir fimm vetr); f. tan, to go abroad (from Iceland); f. vi e-n, to treat one, deal with one in a certain way; margs , ek minnast, hve vi mik fru, I have many things to remember of your dealings with me; f. yfir e-t, to go through; n er yfir farit um landnm, now an account of the settlements has been given; skjtt yfir at f., to be brief.
fara-bk, f. a book of travels, an itinerary;
-hagr, m. travelling circumstances or condition.
farald, n. (mode of) travelling, in the phrase, hverju (or me hverju) faraldi (how, by what means) hann afi ar komit.
farandi (pl. -endr), m. traveller.
farand-kona, f. beggar-woman.
far-angr (gen. -angrs), m. luggage.
farar-bann, n. = farbann;
-beini, m. furthering one's journey;
-blmi, m. travelling with pomp;
-broddr, m. the front of a host;
-binn, pp. = farbinn;
-dvl, f. delay;
-efni, n. pl. equipment;
-eyrir, m. money for travelling;
-ggn, n. pl. necessaries for a journey;
-greii, m. conveyance;
-haft, n. hindrance, stoppage;
-hestr, m. nag, horse;
leyfi, n. leave to go;
-mungt, n. ale for use on a journey;
-nautr, m. = frunautr.
fararskjta-laust, adv. without means of conveyance.
farar-skjti, m. means of conveyance;
-snr, m. speed on a journey;
-stafr, m. walking-stick;
-tlmi, m. hindrance, delay in one's journey.
far-bann, n. prohibition of sailing, embargo;
-bauti, m. ogre;
-beini, m. = fararbeini;
-bori, m. in the phrase, leita sr farbora, to take precautions (so as to get safe and sound out of a danger);
-binn, pp. prepared to sail, ready for departure.
fardaga-helgr. f. the Sunday in fardagar;
-skei, n. the time of fardagar.
far-dagar, m. pl. removing days (four successive days in summer, at the end of May, old style);
-drengr, m. sea-faring man;
-fltti, a. fugitive, exiled;
-fss, a. eager for departing;
-fsi, f. eagerness to depart or travel.
farga (a), v. (1) with acc., to press; (2) with dat., to destroy, make away with.
far-gfa, f. good luck on a journey;
-ggn, n. pl. luggage, baggage;

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