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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


well, ill; honum hafa ll mlin verst farit, he has behaved worst in the whole matter; e-m ferr vinveittliga, one behaves in a friendly way; (11) refl., esp. of a journey; farast vel, ilia, to go well, ill; frst eim vel, they got on well; frst eim seint um daginn, they got along slowly; recipr., farast hj, to pass one another without meeting; = f. , mis; f. mti, to march against one another: (12) f. e-t hndum, to touch with the hands, esp. of a healing touch, = f. hndum um e-t (bi hann f. hndum meinit); f. land herskildi, brandi, to visit a land with 'warshield', with fire, to ravage or devastate it (gekk san land upp me lii snu ok fr alit herskildi); (13) to overtake (n hrsmagi var eirra skjtastr ok gat farit sveininn); tunglit ferr slina, the moon overtakes the sun; r hana Fenrir fari, before F. overtakes her; (14) to ill-treat, treat cruelly; menn s ek , er mjk hfu hungri farit hrund, that had chastened their flesh with much fasting; (15) to put an end to, destrory; f. sr (sjlfr), to kill oneself; f. lfi (fjrvi) e-s, to deprive one of life; hefir sigr vegit ok Ffni (dat.) um farit, killed F.; (16) to forfeit (f. lndum ok lausaf); (17) refl., farast, to perish; f. af sulti, hita, mi, to die of hunger, heat, exhaustion; of a ship, to founder (frst ar byringrinn); to be drowned (alls frust ar nu menn); er bi himinn ok jr hefir farizt, when heaven and earth shall have passed away; ferst n vintta ykkur, your friendship is done with; f. fyrir, to come to nought (at sr muni fyrir f. nkkurt strri); (18) with preps. and advs., f. af klum, to take off one's clothes; f. at e-m, to make an attack upon, to assault (eigi mundi annat sinn vnna at f. at jarlinum); f. at e-u, to mind, pay heed to; ekki fer ek at, tt hafir svelt ik til fjr (it does not matter to me, I do not care, though); to deal with a thing, proceed in a certain way; sv skal at skn f., thus is the pleading to be proceeded with; f. at lgum, lgum, to proceed lawfully, unlawfully; f. mjkliga at, to proceed gently; hr skulu vi f. at me rum, act with, deliberation; impers. with dat., to do, behave; ilia hefir mr at farit, I have done my business badly; to go in pusuit (search) of (vkingar nkkurir eir sem fru at ffngum); f. at fuglaveium, to go a-fowling; f. at f, to tend sheep; f. e-n, to come upon one; sigu saman augu, er dauinn fr , when death seized him; f. hl or hli, to step back, retreat; f. eptir e-m, to follow one; f. eptir e-u, to go for, go to fetch (Snorri goi fr eptir lkinu; f. eptir vatni); to accommodate oneself to, conform to (engi vildi eptir rum f.); au or er eptir fara, the following words; f. fram, to go on, take place; ef eigi ferr gjald fram, if no payment takes place; veizlan ferr vel fram, the feast went on well; spyrr, hvat ar fri fram, he asked, what was going on there; f. fram rum e-s, to follow one's advice; allt mun at snu fram f., it will take its own course; kvu at engu gegna ok fru snu fram, took their own way; segir honum, hversu eir fru fram, how they acted; f. e-t fram, to do, perform a thing; spyrr hann, hvat n s fram faranda, what is to be done; f. fyrir e-t, to pass for, be taken for (fari s fyrir ning, er); refl., farast fyrir, to come to nought (frst at fyrir); f. hj sr, to be beside oneself; f. e-t, to go into (f. tunnu); f. sng, rekkju, to go to bed; f. sess sinn, sti sitt, to take one's seat; f. kli, to put on clothes, dress; f. í vpn, brynju, to put on armour; f. lag, to go right or straight again ( fru brnn hans lag); f. vxt, to increase; f. ur, to wane; f. herna, viking, to go a-freebooting; n ferr vnt efni, now matters look hopeless; to happen, occur (alit at, er hafi farit um nttina); f. me e-t, to wield handle, manage; fr Hroptr me Gungni, H. wielded (the spear)

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