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... In Iron Age Britain two brothers struggle for supremacy. The Archdruid prophesies kingship for one, banishment for the other. But it is the exiled brother who will lead the Celts across the Alps into deadly collision with Rome...
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


fangari, m. wrestler.
fanga-stakkr, m. wrestling jerkin;
-vttr, m. a witness taken at random;
-vitni, n. testimony of a fangavttr.
fang-brg, n. pl. wrestling (takast brgum).
fangelsi, n. prison, jail.
fang-hella, f. a stone set on edge on a wrestling ground.
fangi, m. prisoner (rare).
fanginn, pp. captured; fig. enticed.
fang-ltill, a. yielding little produce;
-star, m. a place to grasp or lay hold of; f -st e-m, to get a hold of one; lj -staar sr, to let oneself be caught;
fangs-t, f. wedding season.
fang-sll, a. having a good grasp, lucky;
-taka, f. taking a hold (in wrestling);
-vinr, m. an antagonist in wrestling (poet.).
fann-hvtr, a. snow-white;
-mikill, a. snowy.
fantr (-s, -ar), m. (1) servant, footman (fant s ek hvern hesti, en lendir menn ganga); (2) landlouper, vagabond.
far, n. (1) a means of passage, ship; bjarga fari floti, to save a vessel afloat; in compds., a trading vessel (Islands-far, Englands-far); (2) passage; taka (f, ra) sr fari or far, to take a passage in a ship; beiast fars, to ask for a passage; synja e-m fars, to deny one a passage; banna e-m f., to forbid one to sail (cf. 'farbann'); (3) trace, print, track (Sveinki rak lmb sn til fjru i frin); villast hundarnir farsins, the hounds lose the track; of et sama f.,on the same subject; (4) life, conduct, behaviour; fari konungsins, in the king's character; (5) state, condition (gefa eir eigi gaum um hennar far) f. veranna, the course of the winds; at fornu fari, of yore, of old.
fara (fer; fr, frum; farinn), v. (I) to move, pass along, go; gekk hann hvargi sem hann fr, he walked wherever he went; f. heim (heiman), to go home (from home); f. fund e-s, to visit one; fjld ek fr, I travelled much; hann sagi, hversu or fru me eim, what words passed between them; absol., to go begging (magar, er ar eigu at f. vi ingi); (2) with 'fer, lei' or the like added in acc., gen., or dat.; f. leiar sinnar, to go one's way,proceed on one's journey (= f. ferar sinnar or fera sinna, f. fer sina, f. fr sina, fruin snum); f. essa fer, to make this journey; f. fulluni dagleium, to travel a full days journeys; f. stefnufr, to go a-summoning; f. bnorsfr, to go a-wooing, f. sigrfr, to go on the path of victory, to triumph; f. ga fr, to make a lucky journey; fig., f. sigr, to be defeated; f. mikinn skaa, to suffer great damage; f. hneykju, skmm, to incur disgrace; f. erendleysu, to fail in one's errand; with the road in acc. (f. fjll ok dala); (3) f. bum, bygum, vistum, to move, change one's abode; f. eldi ok arni, to move one's hearth and fire; (4) f. einn saman, to go alone; f. eigi ein saman, to go with child (= f. me barni); (5) with infin.; f. sofa, to go to sleep; (allir menn vru sofa farnir); f. vega, to go to fight; f. leita, to go seeking (var leita farit); (6) with an adj., &c.; f. villr, to go astray; f. haltr, to walk lame; f. vanstiltr, to go out of one's mind; f. duldr e-s, to be unaware of; f. andvigr e-m, to give battle; f. leyniliga. (leynt), to be kept secret; eigi m etta sv f., this cannot go on in that way; fjarri ferr at, far from it, by no means; fr at fjarri, at ek vilda, I was far from desiring it; (7) to turn out, end; fr at sem lkligt var, it turned out as was likely (viz. ended ill); sv fr, at, the end was, that; ef sv ferr sem ek get til, if it turns out as I guess; smu lei fr um ara sendimenn, it went the same way with the other messengers; (8) to fare well, ill; bija e-n vel f., to bid one farewell; (9) to suit, fit, esp. of clothes, hair (ekki ykkir mr kyrtill inn f. betr en stakkr minn; hrit fr vel); impers., fr illa hestinum, it sat ill on the horse; (10) impers., e-m ferr vel, illa, one behaves or acts

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