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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


fall-stt, f. plague (ef fallstt kemr f manns);
-staðr, m. a place to fall upon (leita sr -staar);
-valtligr, -valtr, a. unsteady, changeable, uncertain (valtr fagnar essa heims).
falr (-s, -ir), m. the socket of a spear-head, into which the shaft fits (spjtsfalr).
falr, a. for sale, to be sold; eiga (hafa, lta) falt, to have a thing for sale; mr eru e-t fait, I am willing to part with; eir er mr eru falastir til ungs hlutar, whom I would most willingly let suffer.
fals, n. fraud, deceit, imposture.
fals-, in compds., false, fraudulent, forged.
falsa (a), v. (1) to falsify, forge (f. rit, brf, innsigli); (2) to defraud, impose upon (f. e-n); f. e-t af e-m, to get a thing from one by fraud (vil ek eigi, at falsir f af mnum egnum); to spoil (f. brynju).
falsar, pp. false, falsified, adulterated (f. gu, f. drykkr).
falsara-dmr, m. fraud, imposture.
falsari, m. impostor, deceiver.
fals-blandar, pp. blended with fraud, guileful;
brf, n. false deed,
-brir, m. false friar;
-greifl, m. false count (Heinrekr -greifi);
-gu m. false god;
-heit, n. false promise;
-kona, f. false woman, harlot;
-konungr, m. false, self-made king
-kostr, m. false virtue;
-kristr, m. false Christ;
lausliga, adv. without fraud;
-lauss, a. guileless; -laus mli, good money; -laust kaup, a bargain in good faith;
-laust, adv. = -lausliga;
-leysi, n. sincerity, honesty;
-liga, adv. falsely;
-ligr, a. false;
-mr, f. harlot;
-ttr, a. deceitful;
-peningar, m. pl. false money;
-postoli, m. false apostle;
-psa, f. unfaithful wife;
-samliga, adv. = falsliga;
-samligr, a. false, fraudulent;
-silfr, n. bad (adulterated) silver;
-spmar, m. false prophet;
-tr, f. false doctrine, heresy;
-vttr, m. false witness;
-vilnan, f. deceitful hope;
-vitni, n. false witness (evidence);
-vitr, a. crafty, cunning.
fambi, m. fool: cf. 'fimbul-fambi'.
fang, n. (1) grasp, hold; f f. e-m or af e-m, to get hold of one (fekk engi eirra f. mr); s. eir, at eir fengu ekki f. at Erlingi, they saw that they could not catch H.; (2) wrestling, grappling (taka f. vi e-n, ganga til fangs); ganga f. vi e-n, g. f. e-m, to grapple with one, provoke one; fangs er vn at frekum lfi, it is hard to deal with a hungry wolf; (3) the space between the arms, the breast and arms; kom spjtit f. honum, the spear pierced his breast; reka f. e-m, to throw in one's face; hafa e-t fangi sr, to hold in one's arms, to have in one's power; taka f. sr, to take into one's arms (tk manninn f. sr ok bar t); frast e-t f., to undertake a thing, take upon oneself; frast e-t r fangi, to throw off, refuse; (4) catching fish, fishing; halda (fara) til fangs, to go afishing; take, catch, draught (f. at, er eir ttu bir); (5) ftus in sheep and cows (ef graungr eltir f. r k); (6) pl., fong, baggage, luggage; fng ok farggn, luggage and carriage, provisions (ll vru f. hin beztu); bor me hinum beztum fngum, a table with the best of cheer; (7) pl. means, opportunily; engi f. eru nnur , there is no other choice; hafa f. e-u, to be enabled to do a thing (hfu eigi f. at reka langt flttann);. af (eptir) fngum, to the best of one's power, according to one's means.
fanga (a), v. to capture (r en hann var fangar); f. daua, to catch one's death, die.
fanga-brekka, f. wrestling ground (at the Althingi).
fangar, a. having means (fng) for doing a thing.
fanga-fr, a. short means or provisions; e-m verr -ftt, falls short of provisions;
-kvir, m. a body of jurymen taken at random;
-lauss, a. void of means or provisions;
-leysi, n. want of stores;
-ltill, a. vile, not worth fetching;
-r, n. device, expedient; gr, fljtr -rs, ready quick at expedients.

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