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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


kvennvir um kn falla, they let women's dress fall about his knees; (6) to fall, calm down (of the wind); fll verit (the storm fell) ok geri logn; (7) to fail, be foiled; s eir fellr honum til tlegar, if he fails in taking the oath, he shall be liable to outlawry; f. verkum snum, to have been caught red-handed, to be justly slain; f. or fallast at mli, skn, to fail in one's suit; f. fr mli, to give it up; fallinn at frndum, bereft of kinsmen; dmi ek fyrir drp hans fallnar yrar eignir, I sentence your estates to be forfeited for his slaughter; refl., ef gerarmenn lta fallast, if the umpires fail to do their duty; fallust llum sum ortk ok sv hendr, then voice and hands alike failed the Gods; fllust eim allar kvjur, their greetings died on their lips; vill s eigi falust lta andsvr, he will not fail or falter in replying, (8) to fall out, happen; mr fll sv gfusamliga (it befell me so quickly), at; stundum kann sv at f., at, sometimes it may so happen that; (9) to be had or produced (at jrn fellr firi eim; ar fellr hveiti ok vin); (10) with adv., e-m fellr e-t ungt, ltt, a thing falls heavily, lightly upon one (etta mun yr ungt f.); fll keisaranum yngra bardaginn, the battle turned against the emperor; e-m fellr e-t nr, it falls nigh to one, touches one nearly; henni fll meinit sv nr, at, the illness fell on her so sore, that; mr fellr eigi firr en honum, it touches me no less than him; hrmuliga felir oss n, at, it falls out sadly for us, that; (11) to please, suit; kva sr, at vel f. til attekta, said that it suited him well for drawing revenue from; honum fll vel eyru lofsor konungs, the king's praise, was pleasant in his ears; jarli fllst at vel eyru, the earl was well pleased to hear it; mun mr illa f., ef, it will displease me, if; fll vel me eim, they were on good terms; refl., honum fllst at vel skap, it suited his mind well, he was pleased with it; fllst hvrt ru vel ge, they loved each other; (12) with preps. and advs., f. af, to fall, abate (fll af vindr, byrr); f. e-n, to befall one; r fllu lyktir , at, the end was, that; f. e-t, to fall into, f. brot, to fall in a fit; f. vit, to faint, swoon; f. villu, to fall into heresy; f. vald e-s, to fall into one's power; fll verit logn, the storm calmed down; f. nir, to fall, drop; mitt kvi mun skjtt nir f., my poem will soon be forgotten; fll sv nir eirra tal, their conversation dropped, they left off talking; f. saman, to fill in with, agree; at eigi flli alit saman me eim, though they did not agree in everything; f. til, to occur, happen, fall out; ef auna felir til, if luck will have it so litlu sar fll til fagrt leii, fair wind came on; ll ingviti, er til falla; all the fines that may fall in, be due; nema rf falli til, unless need be; sem sakir falla til, as the case falls; f. undir e-n, to fall to one's lot (of inheritance, obligation); arfr fellr undir e-n, devolves upon one; f. t, to recede, of the tide ( er t fll sjrinn); f.virar, to fall to at the oars.
fallerast (a), v. refl., (1) to be mistaken; (2) to prove false; (3) to fall (with a woman).
fall-htt, a. n., e-m veti, -htt, one staggers, is in great danger of falling.
falligr, a. pretty, handsome (f. litr).
fallinn, pp. (I) sv f., such-like, so made or constituted (hv man hinn sami mar sv f.); sv f. rskurr, a decision as follows; (2) vel, illa f., well, ill-disposed (hann var vnn mar ok vel f.); fitted, worthy (bezt til konungs f.); at hann vri betr til f. at deyja fyrir sk en fair hans, that he more deserved to die than his father did; (3) neut., fallit, fit; ok htti er honum tti f., stopped when he thought fit; kallai vel til f., said it was quite right; (4) suited to one (e-m); eigi ykki mr r s fer vel fallin, I think this journey will not do for thee.
fall-jaki, m. ice-berg;
fall-jkull, m. ice-berg;

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