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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


or content (kunni hann sr ann fagna at girnast ekki Svakonungs veldi).
fagna-fundr, m. = fagnaarfundr.
fagr (fgr, fagrt; comp. fegri), a. fair, fine, beautiful; f. snum, litum, fair to see; fagrt ver, fair (fine) weather; f. sngr, beautiful (sweet) song; fagrt kvi, a fine poem; talai fagrt, en hugi fltt, spoke fair, but thought else.
fagr-binn, pp. beautifully, dressed, equippied;
-endi, n. pl. costly. fair things;
-eygr, a. fair-eyed:
-ferugr, a. graceful, virtuous;
-flekkttr, a. fair-flecked (of a snake);
-gali, m. flattery (bera -gala e-n, sl -gala vi e-n);
-gla, a. fair-glowing;
-grnn, a. bright or light, green;
-hrr, a. fair-haired;
-hljandi, pr. p. sweet-sounding;
-hljr, a. sweet-voiced;
-hljmandi, pr. p. = -hljandi;
pp. fair-clad;
-leikr, m. beauty, = fegr;
-leitr, a. of a fair complexion, beautiful;
-liga, adv. fairly, beautifully;
-ligr, a. (1) fine-looking, handsome; (2) agreeable (-lig jnasta);
-limi, m. 'fair-branch', a wood (poet.);
-lti, n. blandishment;
-mll, a. fair-spoken;
-mlugr, a. = -mll;
-mli, n. fair language;
-mltr, a. = -mll:
-orr, a. fair-spoken, bland;
-raur, a. light-red;
-skapar, pp. fair-shapen;
-skrifar, pp. finely drawn, decorated with fine figures;
-skddr, pp. dressed in fine clothes;
-varir, pp. wearing fine clothes (of a lady)
-vaxinn, pp. of fair stature
-yndi, n.= -endi;
-yri, n. pl. fair words;
-yrr, a.= -orr.
fala (a), v. to demand for purchase (f. e-t af c-m or at e-m; f. til e-s).
falda (feld; flt, fldura; faldinn), v. to array with a woman's hood (f. e-n or e-m e-u, or me or vi e-u); f. sik motri, me or vi motri, to hood oneself with a motr; Brandr var faldinn, Brand had on a woman's headgear; hjlmi faldinn, wearing a helmet.
falda (a), v. (1) to hood (see falda); (2) to fold; f mer skyrtu na, en ek skal f. hana saman, I shall fold it up; falda aptr, to unfold.
falda-feykir, m. a magical dance in which the hoods (faldar) flew off the ladies' heads.
fald-lauss, a. hoodless.
faldr, m. (1) old; (2) hem of a garment; kyrtill hlabinn fald nir, a kirtle laced down to the hems; (3) a sort of (woman's) headgear, hood.
fall, n. (1) fall; f. er fararheill, a fall bodes a lucky journy; koma e-m til falls, to cause one to fall; fll berast e-n, one begins to reel or stagger; (2) fall, death in battle ( fltta er . veist); (3) carcase of a slaughtered animal (cf. 'nautsfall' 'sauarfall'); (4) frequent deaths from plague (ef mss gru mein mat ea klum, kom f, r) . (5) heavy sea (reis f. mikit alit fr grunni); (6) sin, transgression; (7) downfall, ruin, decay; f. engla, the fall of angels; gzin eru at falli komin, the estates are dilapidated; (8) quantity (of a vowel or syliable) (9) grammatical, case.
falla (fell; fll, fllum; fallinn), v. (1) to fall; eigi fellr tr vi fyrsta hgg, a tree falls not with the first stroke; f. af baki, to fall from horse back; f. kn, to fall on one's knees; f. fram ( bak aptr), to fall forwards (backwards); f. flatr, to fall prostrate; f. til jarar, to fall to the ground; refl., lta fallast (= sik falla), to let oneself fall ( lt Loki f. kn Skaa); (2) to drop down dead, be killed, fall (in battle); (3) to die of plague (fllu ftkir menn um alit land); (4) to flow, run (of water, stream, tide); srinn fell t fr landi, ebbed; fll sjr fyrir hellismunnann, the sea rose higher than the cave-mouth; san fll sjr at, the tide rose; eir s s mikinn f. sjinn, fall into the sea; fl (a river flowed) vi skla Aslfs; var skipit sv hlait, at inn fll um sxin, that the sea rushed in at the prow; (5) of clothes, hair, to fall, hang down; hrit fll herar honum aptr, the hair fell back on his shoulders; ltu

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