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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


faerni, n. (1) fatherhood, paternity; ganga vi f. at e-m or e-s, kennast f. e-s, to acknowledge or admit paternity; at f. ea merni, on father's or mother's side; var hann ljss ok fagr eptir f. snu, like his father; (2) patrimony.
fair (gen., dat. and acc. fur, pl. fer), m. father.
fama (a), v. to embrace; refl., famast, to embrace one another.
faman, f. embracing.
fam-lag, n. embrace;
-lagast, v. refl. = famast;
leggjast, v. refl. = leggjast fama, famast.
famr (-a, -ar), m. (1) the out-stretched or embracing arms; sofa (liggja) fami e-m, to sleep (lie) in one's arms; leggjast fama, to embrace each other; fallast fama, to be set off against each other, balance each other (mlin vru dm lagin, ok fllust vgin fama); (2) bosom (legg hnd na sjlfs ns fam) (3) a measure of length, fathom.
fagna (a), v. (1) to rejoice in a thing (f. e-u, e-u or af e-u); (2) f. e-m, to welcome one, receive one with good or bad cheer (var honum ar vel fagnat); (3) f. vetri, jlum, sumri, to rejoice, make a feast, at the beginning of winter, Yule, summer.
fagnaar-atburr, m. joyfull event;
-dagr, m. day of rejoicing;
-efni, n. matter of joy;
-eyrendi, n. joyful message;
-eyru, n. pl., e-t -eyrum, to hear with joy;
-fullr, a. joyfull;
-fundr, m. joyfull meeting;
-grtr, m. weeping for joy;
-heit, n. joyful promise;
-krs, f. dainty;
-kveja, f. joyful greeting;
-lauss, a. joyless; wretched, poor;
-lof, n. praise from a joyous heart (syngja -lof guoi);
-lr, m. trumpet of joy;
-mark, n. sign of joy;
-or, n. pl. joyful words;
-p, n. shout of joy;
-raust, f. voice of joy;
-r, n. happy resolution;
-saga, f. joyful news, = feginsaga;
-samliga, adv. joyfully;
-samligr, a. joyous, joyful;
-skr, n. raiment of joy;
-star, m. place of joy;
-sn, f. joyful sight;
-sll, a. (1) happy; (2) graceful, gracious;
-sngr, m. song of joy;
-t, f. time of joy;
-tindi, n. pl. joyful, glad tidings;
-tmi, m. = -t;
-veizla, f. joyful feast;
-vist, f. abode of joy;
-l, n. joyous banquet.
fagnar (gen. -ar), m. (1) joy (eilfr f.); (2) welcome, greeting; (3) hospitable entertainment (geru henni fagna viku alla); l ok annar f., ale and other good cheer; (4) kunna sr ann fagna, to be quite satisfied

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