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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


vildu visir vera; ann einn son, er (dat.) hann ann ltit; (2) with a prep. placed at the end of the sentence; land, er hann kom fr, the land he came from; jtunn, er r steini var hfuit (viz. honum), whose head was of stone; (3) ellipt:, the prep. being understood; r eim ttum, er mr ttu fuglarnir fljga (viz. r), from the quarter that I thought the birds flew from; eir hafa n ltit lf sitt, er mr ykkir eigi vert at lifa (viz. eptir), whom I think it is not worth while to outlive; (4) a personal or demonstr. pron. may be added to the rel. part., er , er ik; er hann, er hn, er hana, er hans, er hennar, er eim, er eiri, er eira, etc.; rr ertu, Loki, er (who) ydra telr ljta leistafi; s mar, er hann vill, that man who wishes; nema ein Gorn, er hn va grt, who never wept; ekkja heitir s, er bandi hennar (whose husband) var sttdaur; ann konung, er undir honum eru skatt-konungar, that king under whom are tributary kings; (5) in the fourteenth century added to the interrog. pron., hverr; at herbergi, hverju er hann (in which = er hann v) hefir sitt r ok rr; II. as a conj. and adv. (1) local, er, ar er, there where; hann s eldinum flskann, er netit hafi brunnit, where the net had been burnt; . gekk ar til, er H. l, to the spot where H. lay; (2) of time, er, er, when; ok er, and when; en er, but when; ar til er, until; v er, just when; eptir (at) er, when; egar er, as soon as (egar er lsti, st konungr upp); san er, since; mean er, while; nst er vr kmum, next when we came; lt hamrinum, sem er rei gengr, as when it thunders; (3) = at, that; ok fannst at llu, er hn ttist vargefin, that she thought she was thrown away; ek em ess sll, er okkart flag sleit, I am happy that; skyldi fara fyrst leyniliga, en kom ar, er allir vissu, but it came to this, that every one knew of it.
er, nom. pl. to '', ye, = r.
eri, n. a heavy beam (Grettir reif e. tvau, er lgu skipinu).
erenda-lok, n. pl. the result (issue) of one's errand;
-mar, m. errand-man, messenger.
erendi, eyrendi, orendi (also erindi, etc.), n. (1) errand, message, mission, business; eiga e. vi e-n, hafa e. til e-s, to have business with one; reka e., to do an errand; ess erendis, to that purpose; (2) the result of one's errand or mission (tti mnnum hans e. ltit orit); ef erendit eyist, if the errand turns to nought; hefik erfii ok e., I have had toil but also gained my quest; (3) ganga erenda (eyrna, rna) sinna, to go to ease oneself; (4) speech; tala langt e. ok snjallt, to make a long and eloquent speech.
erendi (from 'r' and 'nd'), n. see 'rendi'
erendis-lauss, a. without effect, vain; fara at -lausu, to go on a fool's errand;
-leysa, f. failure of one's errand.
erend-laust, adv. in vain, to no purpose (fara -laust);
-leysa, f. erendisleysa;
-reki, m. messenger.
erfa (-a, -r), v. (1) to honour with a funeral feast (san lt Egill e. sonu sina eptir fornum si); (2) to inherit (erfir hn allt at eptir brn sn).
erf. f. inheritance; taka e., to take possession of an inheritance; taka, eignast e-t at e., to get or come into possession of by inheritance.
erfa-blkr, m. the section of law treating of inheritance;
-einkunn, f. hereditary mark (on cattle);
-f, n. heritage, inheritance;
-goor, n. hereditary priesthood;
-jr, f. hereditary estate;
-land, n. patrimony, land of inheritance;
-mar, m. heir;
-mark, n. = -einkunn;
-ml, n. lawsuit concerning an inheritance.
erfar-jr, f. hereditary estate;
-land, n. patrimony, land of inheritance;
-mar, m. heir;
-partr, m. share of inheritance;
magi, m. an 'magi', having an inherited right to receive support.
erfa-skipan, f. law or ordinance

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