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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


relating to inheritance;
-ldr, m. funeral feast;
erfl, n. funeral feast (gra e. e-s, e. eptir e-n; drekka e. e-s, eptir e-n).
erfia (a), v. (1) to toil, labour; (2) e. e-m, to cause one trouble; e. sr e-u, to trouble oneself with; (3) to till (e. jrina); (4) impers, erfiai sttarfar hans, his illness grew more severe.
erari, m. labourer.
er-drgi, n. labor, laboriousness;
-drgr, a. difficult to do (var eim at drgt).
erfii, n. trouble, toil, labor; hfum e. ok ekki erendi, we have the toil, but no result.
erfidis-daui, m. painful death;
-laun, n. pl. recompensefor labour or suffering;
-lttir. m. relief, labour;
-liga, adv. = eifiliga;
-munir, m. pl. exertion, difflculty;
-ney, f. grinding labour;
-orka, f. hard, weary labour;
-samr, a. toilsome;
-verk, n. hard or heavy, work.
erfi-lfi, n. toilsome life;
-liga, adv. with pain and toil; e-t horfir -liga, it looks hard; ba -liga vi e-n, to treat one harshly; var mr ar -ligast um, there I met with the greatest difficulties;
-ligr, a. toilsome, difficult, adverse (margir hlutir erfiligir).
erfir, a. difficult, hard, troublesome; oss verr erfitt at jna Normnnum, it will be hard for us; Gurn var erfi gripakaupum, G. was troublesome (extravagant) in buying finery; hvldist Helgi, v at honum var orit erfitt, for he was exhausted; at honum vri mlit erfitt, though he spoke with difficulty.
erfi-drpa, f. funeral poem;
-flokkr, m. a short funeral poem;
-kvi, n. = -drpa.
erfingi (pl. -jar), m. heir, child (au ttu engan erfingja).
erfingja-lauss, a. childless (deyja-lauss);
-leysi, n. childlessness.
erfi-nyti (gen. -nytja), m. heir, child (ek ungan erfinytja).
, f. holding, a funeral, feast ( eyddist erfisgorin).
erfi-veizla, f. funeral feast.
erfi-vrr, m. poet. heir.
erfi-l, n. funeral feast, = erfi-veizla.
erf-skinn, n. the skin of the glutton.
ergi, f. (1) lewdness, lust; (2) wickedness, devilry (me lri eigi ok skelmisskap) (3) unmanliness, unwarrior-like behavior with a strong connotation of effeminacy and passive homosexuality.
ergjast (), v. refl. to lose courage, grow faint-hearted (sv ergist hverr sem hann eldist).
(er, ara, arinn), v. (1) to plough (e. jr sna); (2) to scratch, scrape (hann ltr erja skinn um legginn).
erju-samr, a. intrusive.
erki-biskup, m. archbishop.
erki-biskupligr, a. archiepiscopal.
erkibiskups-dmr, m., -dmi, n. archbishopric;
-efni, m. archbishop-elect;
-garr, m. archbishop's dwelling:
kosningr, m. election of an archbishop;
-stll, m. archiepiscopal seat (cf. erki-stll).
erki-bsn, f. great portent.
erki-djkn, m. archdeacon;
-prestr, m. archpriest;
-stll, m. = erki-biskupsstll.
er-lendast, v. refl. to go into exile;
-lending, f. exile;
-lendis, adv. abroad, in a foreign land.
erlendis-vig, n. a manslaughter committed abroad.
erlendr, a. foreign, = rlendr.
erma-drg, n. pl. sleeves reaching down to the feet;
-kpa, f. cloak with sleeves;
-langr, a. with long sleeves;
lauss, a. sleeveless.
erma-kjs, f. 'sleeve-bag', wide sleeve;
-stka, f. short sleeve.
ermita-kli, n. pl. hermit clothes;
-lfi, n. hermit life.
ermiti, m. hermit, = einsetumar.
n. (1) Armenia; (2) a province in Prussia.
erm-lauss, a. sleeveless, without sleeves = ermalauss.
ermr (gen. -ar, dat. and acc. -i; pl.-ar), f. sleeve.
ermskr, a. Armenian.
ern, a. brisk, vigorous;
-ligr, a. vigorous-looking, sturdy.
erpi, n. a kind of wood.
erriligr. a. = ernligr.

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