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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


annat sumar e., the second summer after; um daginn e., the day after e. um. várit, later during the spring; e. koma úsvinnum ráđ, the fool is wise when too late; (2) behind; bíđa sitja e., to wait, stay behind; vera, standa e., to remain behind, be left; halda e-u e., to keep back; skammt get ek e. ţinnar ćfi, I guess that little is left of thy life; (3) before the rel. part., e. er = e. ţat er, after (ef mađr, andast á ţingi e. er menn eru d braut farnir); (4) e. á, afterwards, later on; in addition.
eptir-bátr, m. a boat in tow; fig., vera eptirbátr e-s, to be inferior to one;
-burđr, m. afterbirth;
-dvöl, f. stay; eiga eptirdvöl, to make a stay;
-dœmi, n. example;
-farandi. pr. p. following, subsequent;
-ferđ, f. pursuit;
-frétt, f. inquiry;
-fœriligr, a. investigable;
-för, f. = eptirferđ; veita e-m eptirför, to pursue one;
-ganga, f. (1) prosecution of a suit to get redress; (2) support, aid; (3) imitation eptirgöngu hans dœma);
-gangr, m., -gengi, n.= -ganga 2;
-glikjari, m. imitator.
eptirgöngu-kona, f. (a female) underling, (ek mun eigi vera -kona hennar);
-mađr, m. a supporter, follower.
eptir-gřrđ, f. funeral honours, esp. gifts for the soul of the dead;
komandi, pr. p. following, future;
komari, m.= -glíkjari;
-komendr, m. pl. offspring, descendants;
kćra, f. prosecution (taka málit til eptirkćru);
-latligr, a. agreeable, pleasing;
-látr, látsamr, a. indulgent; sér eptirlátr, self-indulgent;
-leifar, f. pl. remains;
-leit, f. (1) search; (2) application to a person;
leitan, f. = eptirleit;
-lífl, n. indulgence, self-indulgence.
eptirlífls-mađr, m. self-indulgent man;
-synd, f. the sin of self-indulgence.
eptir-lífr, a. self-indulgent;
-líking, f. imitation;
-líkja (-ta, -t), v. to imitate, with dat.;
-líkjandi (pl. -endr), m.,
-líkjari, m. imitator;
-lćti, n. (1) complaisance, compliance; (2);indulgence, gratification of one's desires; (3) enjoyment.
eptirlćtis-lífl, n. life of self-indulgence;
-ţjónosta, f. act of indulgence.
eptir-mál, n. an action on behalf of a person slain (against the slaver); eiga -mál eptir e-n, um e-n, to have, the right and duty to take action against the slayer;
-máli, m. epilogue, opp. to 'formáli';
-máll, a. compliant (e-m or viđ e-n, with).
eptirmáls-mađr, m. prosecutor in a blood-feud (eptirmál).
eptir-mćlandi (pl. -endr), m. = eptirmálsmađr;
-mćli, n. (1) = -mál; (2) compliance, indulgence; veita e-m eptirmćli, to lake one's part; (3) good report.
eptirmćlis-mađr, m. a person who is eptirmáll.
eptir-rás, f. running after, pursuit;
-reiđ, f. pursuit on horseback;
-reikna (), v. to reflect on;
-róđr, m. rowing in pursuit of one.
eptirrýningar-mađr, m. one clever at detecting what is unknown (-mađr um stuldi);
-samr, a. clever at detection;
eptir-seta, f. remaining behind;
-sjá, f. (1) looking after, attention, care; (2) regret, grief; e-m er eptirsjá at e-u, one misses a thing, grieves at the loss of;
-skóđan, f. examination, search;
-sókn, f. a seeking after, pursuing;
-stađa, f. what remains, arrears;
-stađsi, a. remaining behind; verđa eptirstađsi, to remain behind;
-sýn, f. looking after one.
eptri, a. compar. (1) aftermost, hindmost, opp. to 'fremri'; eptri fótr, the hind leg; hit eptra austrrúm, the hindmost pumping place; (2) later, latter, opp. to 'fyrri'.
er (older form es), rel. part. in old poems and in law phrases 'es' is suffixed to a demonstrative or interrogative word, pron. or adv., as s: sás, sús, ţats, ţeims, ţćrs; ţars, ţás, ţegars, síđans, hveims, hvars, etc., I. used as a rel. pron., indecl., who, which, that; (I) Mörđr hét mađr, er (nom.) kallađr var gígja; grös fögr, er (acc.) hón hafđi í hendi; ađra hluti ţá, er (gen.) menn

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