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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


engiskiptis-bi, m. = engibi.
engis-mar, m. owner of a meadow.
engi-sprett, n. grasshopper, locust;
-teigr, m. strip of meadow-land
-verk, n. meadow-work; um engi-verk, during the time of mowing the meadows;
vxtr, m. that which grows upon meadows.
engja-dmr, m. = engidmr;
-grasnautn, n. right of grazing, or making hay in the engjar;
-merki, n. boundary between meadow-lands;
-skipti, m. = engiskipti;
-teigr, m. = engiteigr;
-voxtr, m. = engivxtr.
engla-flokkr, m. host of angels,
-fylki, n. one of the nine hosts of angels;
-li, n. coll. angels;
-lf, n. life of angels;
-mjl, n. 'angel-meal', manna.
Englands-far, n. a ship that sails to England;
-fari, m. one who makes voyages to England;
-haf, n. the German Ocean;
-sjr, m. the English Channel,
Englar, m. pl. the English Englishmen (var kominn herr Englanna).
engla-rdd, f. Angelic voice;
-skari, m., -sveit, f. host angels;
-sn, f. vision of angels;
-songr, m. song of angels.
Englis-mar, m. Englishman,
enn (en, et), the oldest form of the definite. article, inn, hinn.
enn, adv. (1) yet, still (hann er enn ungr ok bernskr); (2) with compar., enn betri, verri, still better, worse.
enna, adv. = enn-na, yet; eigi enna, not yet (eigi veit ek enna).
enni, n. (1) forehead ( spratt honum sveiti um enni); (2) a steep crag (in place-names).
enni-breir, a. having a broad forehead;
-dkr, m. head-band fillet;
-ler, n. skin of the forehead of animals.
ennis-brattr, a. having a straight-up forehead.
enni-snaur a. having a low fore-head
-spnir, m. pl. ornamental work on ships of war both fore and aft;
-svell, n. an icy slope.
ennis-vxtr, m. shape of the fore-head.
enska, f. the English language.
enskr, a. English; enskir menn, Englishmen.
epla-t, n. eating, of apples (fruit);
-garr, n. orchard;
-kyn, n. a kind of; apples or fruit.
epli, n. (1) apple; (2) tree-fruit (in general).
epli-berandi, pr. p. bearing apples,
eplttr, a. dapple grey (of a horse).
ept, prep. = eptir (rare).
eptir, prep with dat. and acc.; I. with dat. (1) with verbs of motion, after (ra, ra, fara, ganga, senda e-m); (2) denoting the aim and object of many verbs; leita, spyrja, frtta, e. e-u, to search, ask, inquire after; lta e. e-u, to look afler, attend to; ba eptir e-u, to wait for; vaka e. e-m, to sit up waiting for one; segja e. e-m, to report behind one's back; (3) following the course of a track, road, etc., along; nir e. hlsinum, down the hill; e. endilongu, from one end to the other; e. miju, along the middle (4) after, according to, in accordance with (e. si eirra ok lgum); hann leiddist e. fortlum hennar, he was led by her persuasion; gekk allt e. v sem H. hafi sagt, according as H. had said; (5) denoting proportion, comparison; ftt manna e. v sem hann var vanr, few men in comparison to what he was want to have; (6) with verbs denoting imitation, indulgence, longing after; lta e. e-m, to indulge one; breyta e. e-m, to imitate; (7) behind (hann leiddi e. sr hestinn); fundust e. eim rskar bkr, which they had left behind; II. with acc. (1) of time, after, in succession to (vr kom e. vetr) hvern dag e. annan, one day after the other; r e. r, dag e. dag, year by year, day by day; e. at, after that, thereafter; (2) denoting succession, inheritance; taka e-t arf e. e-n, to inherit from one; hann tk konungdm e. fdur sinn, after his father; vita skmm e. sik, to leave such a bad report; skai mikill er e. menn slka, there is a great loss in such men; III. as adv. (1) after;

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