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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


vera, here it shall come to an end; s var endir , at, the end of it was, that; til alls endis, to the very end.
endi-land, n. borderland;
-lnd, n. confines;
-langr, a. along the whole extent of, from one end to the other (ra um endilangt hera); ok lagist ar endilangr, at full length; um endilangt, at endilngu, lengthways;
-lauss, a. = endalauss;
-leysa, f. nonsense (-lokleysa);
-liga, adv. (1) finally (stafesta endiliga) (2) completely;
-ligr, a, = endaligr
-lok, n. pl. = endalok; til endiloka heims, to the end of the world;
-lykt, f. = endalykt;
-mark, n. (1) limit, end; (2) boundary; (3) aim, end;
-merki, n. = endamerki.
endimi, n. see endemi, eindmi.
ending, f. ending, termination.
endir, m. esp. in nom., = 'endi' (upphaf ok endir mns mls).
end-langr, a. = endilangr.
endr, adv. (1) in times of yore, formerly, = endr fyrir lngu; (2) again (sv kom ins son endr at hamri); (3) endr sinnum, endr ok stundum, from time to time, now and then.
endranr, adv. at other times, else (bi endramer).
endr-bati, m. = endrbt;
-batna (a), v. to get well again, recover;
-beia (-dda, -ddr), v. to ask again;
-bera (see bera), v. to regenerate;
-borinn, pp. reborn, regenerated;
-bt, f. restoration, regeneration;
-ba (see ba), v. to renew, restore;
-bta, (-tta, -ttr), v. to repair, restore (at arf at endrbta, er r hefir farizt);
-btari, m. restorer;
-bting, f. restoration, restitution;
-btingr, m. a thing that wants repair;
-frn, f. presenting, again;
-frna (a), v. to present again;
-fa (-dda, -ddr), v. to regenerate, = endrbera, endrgeta;
-gefendr, m. pl. those who give again;
-geta (see geta), v.= endrfa;
-getnar, m. regeneration;
-getning, f. = endrgetnar;
-gjald, n. repayment, return;
-gjalda (see gjalda), v. to pay back, to repay;
-gra (-dda, -ddr), v. to heal again;
-hreinsa (a), v. to purify again;
-hrra (-a, -r), v. to move again;
-lausn, f. redemption;
-lifga (a), v. to call to 1ife again;
-lifna, (a), v. to return to life, to revive;
-minnast (see minna), v. refl. to remember, call to mind, with gen.;
-minning, f. remembrance, recollection;
-mli, n. repetition (verr at at endrmli einu);
-ming, f. tribulation;
-nja (a), v. to renew, repeat; impers. (endrnjai sttina i annat sitin);
-njan, -njung, f. renewal;
-reisa (-ta, -tr), v. to raise again;
rsa (see rsa), v. to arise again;
rja, a. indecl. downcast, dispirited;
-semja f. (see semja), v. to renew;
-skapa (see skapa), v. to create anew, recreate;
-sma (a), v. to rebuild;
-taka (see taka), v. to resume, take up again (endrtaka til e-s);
-tryggja (-a, -r), v. to make secure again, reconcile;
-aga, f. renewed silence.
eng (gen. -jar, pl. -jar), f. meadow, meadow-land (hann villtist enginni); pl. outlying grass-fields.
eng, engi, n. meadow, meadow-land (tn ok eng; akr ok engi).
engi (neut. ekki), indef. pron. (1) no, none, no one; hafa ekki e-s, to have nothing of it; lose it altogether (er bit vi, at hafir ekki drsins); old dat. einugi = engu (ftt er sv illt, at einugi dugi); (2) any, after a negative (aldri fyrr fekk hann vlkan sigr engri herfer); after comparative (essir dvergar kunnu betr sma af jrni en engir arir).
engi-bi, m. a neighbour who has to appear in an engidmr;
-dalr, m. meadow-valley;
-dmr, m. a court to decide the possession of a contested meadow.
engill (pl. englar), m. angel.
engil-ligr, a. angelical (-lig sjna).
Engils-nes, n. Cape San Angelo.
engi-lykkja, f. an enclosed piece of meadow;
-mark, n. (1) boundary of a meadow; (2) the meadow within the boundary.
engis-hfn, f. possession of a meadow.
engi-skipti, n. division of a meadow.

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