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... In Iron Age Britain two brothers struggle for supremacy. The Archdruid prophesies kingship for one, banishment for the other. But it is the exiled brother who will lead the Celts across the Alps into deadly collision with Rome...
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


a (religious) duty;
-lauss, a. holding no office (of a priest);
-mar, m. (1) servant; (2) priest.
emenda (a), emendera (a), v. to emend (a book).
emja (a), v. to howl, shriek.
emjan, f. howling, shrieking.
en, conj. (1) but; en heima mun ek sitja, but I will stay at home; (2) as a copulative, and, = ok; ek kann rum, Gunnhildar, en kappsemd Egils, I know the devices of G. and (on the other hand) Egil's eagerness; (3) = 'an', than (brigra vin fr mar aldregi en mannvit mikit).
en, in Norse MSS. = ef, er (rel. pron. and temp. conj.); (1) if; slar vri slurnar, en r vissi, if they knew; (2) as a rel. pron., = er; mna dttur, en (= er) allra meyja er fegrst, who is the fairest of all maidens; (3) when, = er, er (eir vru hj, en upp var lesit).
enda, conj. (1) with subj. (a standing phrase in the law connecting the latter clause of a conditional premiss) if, and if, and in case that, and supposing that; n hefir mar sveinbarn fram frt sku, enda veri s mar veginn san, .... , if a man has brought a boy up in his youth, and it so happens that he (the boy) be slain, then...; (2) even if, although, with subj. (seg mr, hvat til berr, at veizt fyrir orna hluti, enda sr eigi spmar); (3) even; skal hann segja bum snum til, enda , ingi, even in parliment; (4) if only with subj. (fyrir engan mun ori ek at vekja konunginn en segja m ek honum tindin, ef vid, enda vekir hann); (5) and indeed, and of course, and also, and besides; enda skulum vr leysa ik, and then of course we shall loose thee; snist at jafnan, at ek em fgjarn, enda man sv enn, and so it will be also in this case; (6) and yet; eigi nenni ek at hafa at saman, at veita Hgna, enda drepa brur hans, I cannot bear to do both, help H. and yet kill his brother; (7) ellipt. without a preceding premiss; enda tak n xi na, and now take thy axe.
enda, (a, or enda, ent), v. (1) to end, coming to an end ( v sama klaustri endi hann sna fi); impers., endar ar sgu fr honum, the tale of him ends there; (2) to fulfil, perform (e. heit sitt); (3) to mark the end of, to bound (af suri endir hana [i.e. Asia] thafit); (4) refl., endast, to end, come to an end (reii mannsins endist einu augabragi); to last, hold out (berjast mean dagrinn endist); mean mr endast fng til; as long as my provisions last; ef honum endist aldr til, if he lives so long; mean mr endast lfdagar, mean ek endumst, as long as I live; to turn out, to end (well or ill), to do (enda mun at fm bndum vel e. at synja mr mgar).
enda-dagr, m. the last day, day of death (vita sinn -dag);
-fjl, f. end-board (of a chest);
-lauss, a. endless, eternal (endalaus pna, farsld);
-liga, adv. definitively, finally;
-ligr, a. definitive, final (endaligt svar);
-lok, n. pl. end, conclusion;
lykt, f. = -lok;
mark, n. end, limit; endamrk rkis ns, the end of thy reign;
-merki, n. limit, boundary;
-mjr, a. thin at the end, tapering; gera eigi endamjtt vi e-n, not to leave one in the lurch, treat one well to the end;
-armr, m. rectum.
endemi, endimi, n. = eindmi 2, something unexampled or unheard of (at er undr ok endemi); heyr endemi, for shame!
endemis-mar, m. a monster, an extraordinary;person.
endemligr, a. wonderful, strange.
endi and endir, m. (1) the end (extremity) of an object (ar var skli mikill ok dyrr bum endum) : (2) conclusion, end, issue (hvern enda eiga mundi mlit); gera enda e-u, koma enda e-t, to bring to an end; vera enda, to be at an end; S. var vistum me fur snum til enda, S. stayed with his father to the end; eigi er fyrir enda um gert me eim, their difference is not settled between them; upphaf ok endir, beginning and end; hr skal n ok endir

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