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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


eljanar-lauss, a. wanting energy, inactive.
eljara-gletta, f. pertness, sarcasm.
eljun, f. = eljan;
eljunar-leysi, n. want of energy, weakness;
-mar, m. energetic man.
eljun-frkn, a. doughty (seldusk eia e1junfrknir);
-lauss, a. = eljan-arlauss;
-leysi, n. = eljunarleysi.
l-kaldr, a. ice-cold (of a stream).
ella, adv. and conj. (1) else, otherwise (skaltu eigi annat ora en fara ella skal ek drepa ik); ea ella, or else; ea heit hvers manns ningr ella, or else be called the 'nithing' of every man; (2) or, or else (annathvrt at koma honum mitt vald, ella drepa hann sjlfr).
ellar, adv. and conj. = ella, elligar.
elli, f. old age (fyrir e. sakir).
elli-belgr, m. the 'slough' of old age (kasta -belginum);
-bjgr, a. bowed down with age;
-dagar, m. pl. old days;
-daur, a. vera -daur, to die of old age.
ellii, m. a kind of ship;
elli-dmr, m. old age.
ellifti, ord. numb. the eleventh.
ellifu, card. numb. eleven.
elli-gamall, a. very old.
elligar, adv. and conj. = ella.
elli-glp, n. pl. dotage of old age.
l-ligr, a. showery-looking (tti mr nkkut l-ligt vera).
elli-hamr, m.= -belgr;
-hrumr, a. decrepit with age;
hrur, f. pl. hoariness of age;
-karl, m. old man;
-lyf, n. medicine to keep off old age;
-mr, a. weary with age;
-sjkr, a. infirm through age;
-sto, f. stay of old age;
-t, f. time of old age;
vafa, f. decrepitude, infirmity of age;
vamm, n. blemish of old age;
-okki, m. oldish look (hratt hn af sr elli-okka).
ellri, a. compar. elder, older.
ellztr, a. superl. eldest, oldest (ellztr brranna; hinn ellzti sonr).
elma, f. branch, twig.
elna (at), v. to wax, grow; stt elnar hendr e-m, e-m elnar sttin, one's illness becomes worse.
elptr (gen. elptar), f. swan (= lpt).
elri, n., elrir (gen. -is), m. alder.
elris-hundr, m. the wind (poet.).
elska (a). v. to love (hann elskai ekki annat go meir en Frey); refl., elskast at e-m, to grow fond of; recipr., to love one another (hfu au Jn elskazt fr barnsku.
elska, f. love (= st); hafa elsku e-m, to love one; leggja elsku e-n or vi e-n, to take a fancy for, to fall in love with one.
elskan-liga, adv. lovingly;
-ligr, a. beloved, lovable.
elskari, m. lover (e. e-s).
elskhuga-mar, m. lover, = elskari.
elsk-hugi, m. (1) love; (2) beloved person (minn gtr elskhugi).
elskr, a. fondly attached to one (e. at e-m), of persons and animals.
elsku-band, n. tie (bond) of love;
-brag, n. deed of love;
-fullr, a. full of love;
-grtr, m. tears of love;
-grein, f. a special kind of love;
-lauss, a. loveless;
-leysi, n. lovelessness;
-liga, adv. (1) lovingly; (2) heartily, delightfully;
-ligr, a. (1) affectionate; (2) beloved, dear (e. fair!); elskuligr e-m, dear to one;
-mark, n. token of love.
elta (elta, eltr), v. (1) to knead (e. leir); ek skal yra b e. (belabour) me klungrum; (2) to chase, pursue; e. xn me vendi, to drive cattle with a goad; e. saui, to run after sheep; refl., eltast eptir e-m, to pursue eagerly.
elting (pl. -ar), f. pursuing, chasing.
embtta (-tta, -tt), v. (1) to attend, serve, wait upon, e. e-m (eiga gestum. at e.); e. f, to attend to the cattle, to milk; (2) to administer the sacrament to one (e. e-m).
embtti, n. (1) service, jnosta I; veita e-m e., to serve one; bindast e-s e., to enter one's service; guligt e., holy service; hefi ek mrg vandri olat inu e., in your service; (2) the sacrament, eucharist, = jnosta 3; (3) office (biskupligt e.); bja e-m af e., to depose one from office.
embttis-frr, a. able to perform one's duties;
-gr, f. performance of

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