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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-grf, f. fire-pit;
-hs, n. (1) 'fire-house', hall or sitting-room, kitchen.
eldhs-dyrr, f. pl. doorway of an eldhs;
-ffl, n. an idiot who sits all day by the fire;
-hur, f. door of an eldhs;
-skot, n. (see skot).
eldi, n. (1) procreation (hafa eli til barna eldis); (2) fetus, offspring, (eldi at, er fram, kemr af kvii konunnar); komast fr eldi snu, to be delivered of a child; (3) maintenance, feeding (ar er ekki gesta eldi mlt).
eldi-brandr, m. (1) firewood, fuel; (2) firebrand.
eldi-gamall, a. very old;
-ligr, a. elderly, old-looking.
elding, f. (1) firing, heating, warming, (ofnar til eldingar); (2) smelting, refining (gull at, er stenzt e.); (3) lightning, (v nast flugu eldingar ok reiar); (4) daybreak, dawn (= ntr-elding).
eldinga-flaug, -flug, n., flash of lightning;
-mnar, m. a month in which lightning is frequent.
eldi-sk, n. piece of firewood;
-stokkr, m. firebrand;
-torf, n. turf for fuel.
eldiviar-ftt, a. n., e-m verr -ftt, one becomes short of fuel;
-leysi, n. want of fuel;
-stika, f. stick of firewood.
eldi-vir, m. firewood, fuel.
eld-ker, n. brasier;
-kveikja, f. fire-lighter; fst mun annat til eld-kveikna, something else will be got to light a fire with;
-ligr, a. fiery, of fire (eldligr stlpi)
-nmr, a. easily catching fire, flammable.
eldr, (-s, -ar), m. fire; taka eld, drepa (upp) eld, to strike fire: kveikja (upp) eld, to light a fire; brega (koma, skjta) eldi e-t, lta (leggja) eld e-t, to set fire to, to set on fire; e. var lauss ok lk skjtt, a fire broke out and spread rapidly; e. hraut af sverum eirra, sparks of fire flew from their swords.
eldr, pp. grown old, worn by age; kvazt e. vera mjk fr frii, said that he was too old for fighting.
elds-bruni, m. burning of fire;
-daunn, m. smell of fire (kenna -daun);
-fullr, a. full of fire;
-gangr, m. raging of fire, conflagration;
-glr, n. glare of fire;
-gneisti, m. spark of fire;
-glf, n. hearth-floor;
-ggn, n. pl. materials .for firing;
-gr, f. making fire;
-hiti, m. fiery heat.
eld-skli, m. = eldaskli;
-sk, n. eldisk;
-ska, f. = eldsk, eldisk.
elds-kveykja, f.= eldkveikja;
-litr, m. fiery hue;
-liki, n. shape (likeness) of fire ( -lki);
-ljs, n. fire-light;
-logi, m. flame of fire;
-matr, m. food of fire;
-neyti, n. fuel;
-psl, f. torture by fire;
-skn, f. fetching of fire;
-stlpi, m. pillar of fire.
eld-stokkr, m. firebrand;
-st (pl. -star), f. fire-place, hearth.
elds-uppkvma, f. volcanic eruption;
-vi, m. danger of fire; conflagration;
-vlar, f. pl. fire devices;
-verk, n. tending the fire;
-vir, m. eldivir;
-vimr, m. gleam of fire;
-virki, n. tinder-box.
eld-stinn, -str, a. habitually sitting by the fire (for warmth);
-tinna, f. flint to strikefire with.
elfar-bakki, m. bank of a river.
Elfar-byggjar, -grimar, m. pl. the dwellers on the banks of the Gotha (Gautelfr);
-kvslir, f. pl. the arms of the Gotha, also used of the mouths of the Nile;
-sker, n. pl. the skerries at the mouth of the Gotha.
elfr, (gen. elfar, dat. and acc. elfi), f. river; esp. as prop. name in Saxelfr, the Elbe; Gautelfr or Elfr, the river Gotha (in Sweden); Raumelfr (in "Norway).
elfskr, a. from the river Gotha.
elg-fri, m. centaur (a monster half man and half elk).
elgja-grf, f. elk pit;
-hold, n. flesh of the elk;
-veir, f. elk-hunting.
elgr (-s, -ir), m. elk.
elg-skgr, m. a forest with elks.
eligr, a. mean, poor, = ligr.
Eli-vgar, m. pl. (mythological name).
elja, f. a rival wife (r konur eru eljur er einn mann eigu).
eljan, f. endurance, energy.

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