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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


eisa (a), v. (1) to rush on; ganga eisanda, to go dashing through the waves (of a ship); eisandi r, foaming wave; (2) eisa eldum, to shower down embers.
eiskald, n., eiskld, f. poet. heart.
eiskra (a), v. to roar, rage.
eiskran, f. roaring, raging.
eista (gen. pl. eistna), m. testicle, stone (eistun rtnuu).
Eistland, n. Esthonia.
eistriestir, a. Esthonian.
Eistr , Eistrir, m. pl. the Esthonians.
eitla (a), v., only in the phrase., e. agum, to look stern.
eitr, n. poison (kasta eitri drylk); fig. bitterness, malice.
eitra, (a), v. to poison (eitra smyrsl);
eitrar, poisonous (eitrat hatr).
eitr-a, f. poisonous stream;
-blandinn, pp. impregnated, tainted with poison, poisoned, envenomed;
-blsinn, pp. swollen up with poison:
-blstr, m. (1) inflammation from poison; (2) poisonous breath;
-blginn, pp. = eitir-blsinn;
-dalr, m. 'venom dale';
-drep, n. deadly poison, poisoning;
-drepinn, pp. killed by poison, poisoned;
-dropi, m. drop of poison;
-drykkr, m. poisoned drink;
-eggjar, pp. having a poisoned edge;
-fr, a. venomous (eitr-fr ormr);
-fluga, f. venomous insect;
-fullr, a. kind of poison;
-herr, pp. tempered in poison (sverit var -hert );
-kaldr, a. deadly cold;
-kveisa, f. venomous sore, a nickname;
-kvikja, f. venomous yeast;
-kvikvendi, n. venomous creature;
-ligr, a. poisonous;
-makr, m. venomous maggot;
-nara, f. poisonous adder;
-ormr, m. poisonous serpent;
-padda, f. venomous toad.
eitrs-fullr, a. full of venom.
eitr-tandrar, pp. glittering, with poison, = eitr-fr.
ei-vesandi, pr. p. everlasting, eternal;
-vist, f. = eilfi.
ek, pers. pron. I; in poetry and old prose a pronominal k is suffixed to the verb, emk = em ek, vask = vas ek, sk = s ek; mundak = munda ek; even if preceded by ek : ek sk, ek sitk; a preceding g becomes by assimilation k hykk = hygg ek : the pronominal k is inserted between the suffixed negative, -a or -at, and the verb; ska = s ek-a, I saw not; veitka = veit ek-a, I know not.
ekja, f. carting, carrying in a cart (sumir tku til ekju).
ekju-vegr, m. cart-road.
ekka-lauss, a. griefless.
ekki, m. heavy, sobbing, sorrow, grief, (angr ok ekki)
ekkja, nom. and acc. neut. sing. of 'engi ', nothing, nought; also used as adv., not, = eigi.
ekkja, f. widow (var at ltit, at bera ekkju nafn); poet. woman.
ekkju-bnar, m. widow's weeds;
-dmr, m. widowhood;
-lfi, n. widowed life;
-sonr, m. widow's son.
ekla, f. dearth's, want.
ekra, f. corn field, acre.
l, n. (1) shower of rain, snow or hail; (2) fig. a hot fight.
elda (elda, eldr), v. (1) to light, kindle a fire (hann eldir undir katlinum); with dat. of the fuel (e. vii) (2) to kindle, light, set fire to, with acc.; e. vita, to kindle a beacon : fig., e. hug e-s, to kindle one's mind; ek skal yra h e. knliga me klungrum, I shall make you smart; (3) to heat, warm (e. hs, e. ofn til braus) to smelt; fig, e. grtt silfr, to be bad friends; (4) impers., eldi hr lengi af me eim brrum, the spark of resentment was long felt among the brothers; (5) it clears up; eldi nokkut lit (acc.), the shower cleared up a little; ntt (acc.) eldir, the night brightens, the day dawns.
eldast (d), v. refl. to grow, old; hann tekr n at eldast mjk, he is beginninl to age fast.
elda-hs, n. -skli, m. = eldhs
eld-bakar, pp. baked on embers;
-beri, m. fire-pan, brasier;
-brandr, m. firebrand;
-bruni, m. (1) fire, conflagration; (2) cauterization (at gra me -bruna);
-bllr, m. fireball;
-fimr, a. inflammable, easily combustible;
-fri, n. pl, an apparatus for striking fire, tinder-box;

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