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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


single ship ( sigldir einskipa);
-skirr, a. perfectly clear (einskrt ver);
-skjaldar, adv. under the same shield, acting together;
-skora (a), v., einskora hug sinn, to make up one's mind;
-skrligr, a. pure.
eins-liga, adv. privately, singly;
-ligr, a. (1) single = einfaldr; einslig tala, singular number; (2) private (einslig minning); (3) especial, particular.
ein-staar, adv. in some place;
-staka, a. indecl. single, occurring now and then, here and there;
-stapi, m. a kind of fern;
-stigi, n. narrow path;
-strengja (-da, -dr), v. to make firm; einstrengja tlan fyrir sr at, to resolve firmly;
-str, a. solitary, bereaved.
eins-vigi, n. single combat, = einvgai.
ein-snn, a. (1) one-eyed; (2) evident, obvious; at einsnu, evidently;
-stt, a. n. clear, evident, only in the phrase, e-t er einsxtt, is the only thing to be done;
-sgn, f. a single person's statement;
-tal, n. private conference (ganga eintal);
-talat, pp. n., var eim eintalat um Helgu, they talked of nothing but H.;
-teiti, a. in high spirits, quite merry;
-tmi, a. quite unoccupied, disengaged;
-trjnungr, m. a boat made of a single tree.
einugi, neut, dat. from 'engi'; e. feti framarr, not a step further.
ein-ur, f.= -r;
-vala, a. indecl. chosen, select; einvala kappi, great champion; einvala li, picked troops;
-vald, n. absolute government, sole sovereinity; tiundi vetr einvalds hans, the tenth year of his reign;
-valdi, m. monarch, sovereign (einvaldi e-s or yfir e-u);
-valdr, m. = -valdi).
einvalds-herra, m. autocrat, monarch;
-hfingi, m. autocrat, monarch;
, m. absolute king;
-rki, n. absolute sway, empire.
ein-valinn, pp. select, picked;
-vild, f. self-willed;
-vili, m. self-willed;
-viring, f. one's own choice; af einviringu, especially.
einviru-liga, adv. exceedingly, especially;
-ligr, a. especial.
ein-virki, m. single worker, a poor husbandman who has no servants;
-vist, f. solitude; vera einvistum, to live alone;
-vigi, n. single combat, duel;
einvgis-mar, m. one who fights in single combat, a duellist.
ein-vnn, a. in a hopeless state, sinking fast (liggja, vera, einvnn);
-vldugr, a. absolute;
-vrungum, adv. particularly;
-yrki, m.= -virki;
-ykki, n. self-will;
-ykkr, a. self-willed, stubborn;
-ri, n. term of one year;
-rr, a. lasting one year, of one year (einr tund);
-ti, n. pl., only in the phrase, eta e-t eintum, to eat alone, in private;
-r (gen. -arar), f. (1) franknes, boldness, fairness (hafa einr til at ganga vi e-u); einr vrrar frsagnar, the fairness of our story; (2) fidelity, loyalty (at landsflkit mundi snit fr einrinni vi konung); (3) firm conviction (at er einr mn, at at er at engum kosti rtt).
Eir, f. one of the heathen goddesses.
eir, n. brass, copper.
eira (-a, -t), v. (1) to spare, with dat. (at eir skyldu eira konum ok kirkjum); e. undan e-u, to yield to; (2) e-m eirir e-t vel (illa), it agrees well (ill) with one, he is well pleased (displeased) with it (Eirki konungi eiri etta strilla); honum eirir illa, ef, he is annoyed, if; (3) e. e-n af e-u, to deprive one of.
eir-altari, n. brazen altar;
-baugr, m. brazen ring.
eir, f. clemency, mercy.
eir-gu, m. an idol of brass;
-hjlmr, m. brazen helmet.
eirinn, a. forbearing, lenient.
eir-ker, n. brazen vessel;
-ketill, m. brazen kettle;
-kross, m. brazen cross;
-kyrtill, m. brazen cloak;
-ligr, a. brazen;
-nkkvi, m. brazen boat;
-ormr, m. brazen serpent;
-peningr, m. brass coin, copper coin;
-ppa, f. brass tube;
-skjldr, m. brazen shield;
-steypari, m. brass-founder;
-stlpi, m. pillar of brass;
-teinn, m. brass wire;
-uxi, m. brazen ox (image).
eisa, f. glowing embers.

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