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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


(5) to keep, hold; e. fund, ing, samkvmu, stefnu, to hold a meeting; e. kaupstefnu, to hold a market; e. orrustu vi e-n, to fight a battle with one; e. hgg vi e-n, to exchange blows with one; e. illt vi e-n, to quarrel with; e. tal (or ml) vi e-n, to speak, converse with one; (6) as an auxiliary with pp. = hafa (at er vi ttum mlt); e. skilit, to have stipulated; (7) to have to (skal . eigi at vi e. at spotta); e. hendr snar it verja, to have to act in self-defence; e. um vandri at halda, to be in a strait; (8) e. e-m e-t, to owe to one (mun , hvat tt eim er veitir); (9) to be the person denoted by a thing; at muntu tla, at ek mun e. hinn bleika uxann, that the fawn-coloured ox means me; (10) with preps., e. e-t at e-m, to have something due from one, to expect from one (at vil ek e. at r, at segir mr fr fer inni); to deserve from one (ok ek annat at r); eir er mikit ttust at sr e., had much in their power; e. e-t eptir, to have to do yet, to have left undone (at ttu eptir, er erfiast er, en at er at deyja); to leave behind one (andaist ok tti eptir tv sonu vaxna); e. e-t saman, to own in common; e. skap saman, to agree well, be of one mind; eigi veit ek, hvrt vi eigum heill saman, whether we shall live happy together; e. saman, to quarrel, = e. deild saman; e. um vi e-n, to have to deal with (vi brgtta ttu n um); ar sem vi vini mna er um at e., where my friends are concerned; e. e-t undir e-m, to have in another's hands; Njll tti mikit f undir Starkai ok Sandgili, N. had much money out at interest with St. and at Sandgil, er s eigi vel staddr, er lf sitt undir inum trnai, whose life depends on thy good faith; e. mikit (ltit) undir sr, to have much (little) in one's power; far vi marga menn, sv at eigir allt undir r, that the whole matter rests in thy own hands; hann s, at hann tti ekki undir sr, that he had no influence; e. vi e-n, to have to do with, fight with (brtt fundu eir, at eir ttu ar ekki vi sinn maka); ekki ek etta vi ik, this is no business between thee and me; e. gott (illt) vi e-n, to be on good (bad) terms with one; e. vi konu, to have intercourse with, = e. lag (samri) vi konu; recipr., eigast vi, to deal with one another; fight, quarrel; e. vi deildir, to be engaged in strife; ttust eir hggvaskipti vi, they exchanged blows with one another.
eiga, f. (1) possession; kasta sinni eigu, leggja sna eigu, e-t, to take possession of; (2) property.
eigandi (pl. eigendr), m. owner, possessor.
eigi, adv. not; eigi ... ok, nor (e. vil ek ok at mitt r kalla).
eigin, n. (1) one's own, one's property; (2) new sprout of corn.
eigin, a. indecl. own, = eiginn (var jarar sinni e. borg) this 'eigin' may also be considered as the first part of a compound;
-borg, f. one's own town;
-bndi, m. husband;
-brr, m. pl. one's own brothers;
-dttir, f. one's own daughter;
-giptast (see gipta), v. refl., to marry, be married to (of a woman);
-girnd, -girni, f. selfishness;
-gjarnligr, a. selfish;
-hsfr, -kona, -kvn, f. wife;
-kvngar, -kvntr, pp. lawfully married (of a man);
-kyn, n. peculiarity;
-lauss, a. having no property, poor;
-leikr, m. quality, peculiarity;
-liga, adv. properly, strictly;
-ligr, a. one's own, personal, particular; sj -ligum augum, with one's own eyes; -ligt nafn, proper name;
-mar, m. husband.
eiginn, a. own, proper (me samykt eiginnar konu).
eigin-nafn, n. proper name;
-or, n. (1) possession; f e-t at -ori, to get possession of, opp. to 'f e-t at lni'; (2) wedding, marriage (bja e-m konu til -ors);
-raun, f. one's own experience;
-tunga, f. one's own native tongue.
eign, f. (1) property, possession; kasta sinni e., leggja e. sna, e-t, to

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