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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


take possession of; (2) estate, landed property, esp. pl. (hann tti eignir Vk austr).
eigna (a), v. (1) to assign, attribute to one (eigna e-m e-t); eigna sr e-t, to declare a thing to be one's own property, to take to oneself; eigna sr land, to take land into one's own hands; refl., eignast, to become the owner of, to get; (2) to dedicate to, name after one (eigna e-m kvi, eigna r hof).
eignar, pp. having, possessions or property (vel eignar).
eigna-lauss, a. having no property, destitute.
eignar-kall, n. claim of ownership;
-brir, m. one's own brother;
-hlutr, m. (1) private share, property; (2) part of an estate;
-jr, f. patrimony ;
-kona, f. = eiginkona;
-lrittr, m. legal title of ownership;
-mar, m. owner, possessor;
-nafn, n. proper name;
-sonr, m. one's own son;
-spsa, f. = -kona;
-vili, m. one's own will;
-vitni, -vtti, n. witness of ownership.
eigna-skipti, n. exchange of land.
ei-gr, a. 'evergood', beloved, as a nickname;
-grnn, a. evergreen.
eigu-ligr, a. worth having, precious.
eik (gen. eikar and eikr, pl. eikr), f. oak, also a tree in general.
eikar-kefli, m. oaken stick;
-stofn, -stubbi, m. oak stump, oak stub.
eiki, n. oak timber;
-ss, m. oaken beam;
-kylfa, f. oaken club;
-kstr, m. pile of oak wood.
eikinn, a. wild, vehement (of fire).
eiki-skgr, m. oak wood, oak forest;
-stobbi, m. stump of an oak;
-stokkr, m. oak stock;
-sla, f. oaken column;
-tindar, pp. with oaken pegs;
-vir, m. oak wood, oak timber;
-vndr, m. twig of an oak tree.
eikja, f. a small ferry-boat.
eikju-karfl, m. = eikja.
ei-ligr, a. eternal (rare).
eilf, f. eternity, eternal life.
eilfar-frir, m. everlasting peace;
-yndi, n. everlasting happiness
-mbun, f. eternal recompense.
ei-lfi, n. = eilf.
eilfls-fagnar, m. everlasting joy.
eilf-leikr, m. eternity;
-liga, adv. eternally, to all eternity;
-ligr, a. eternal, everlasting.
ei-lfr, a. eternal, everlasting; at -lfu, for ever and ever.
ei-ltill, a. very small, very little.
eimi, eimr, m. reek, vapour.
ei-muni, m. an ever memorabe thing; at er eim -muni, they will never foget it.
eimyrja, f. embers (eldr ok e.; all er gir sem eimyrju hrri).
eina, adv. only, alone.
ein-angr, m. a great strait (vaskr ruggr, einangri);
-angra (a), v. to put one in a strait.
einarar-ftt, a. n., e-m verr -ftt, one fails in courage;
-lauss, a. wavering, treacherous;
-leysi, n. inconstancy, unreliableness;
-mar m. a steadfast, trusty man.
einar-liga, adv. firmly, heartily;
-ligr, a. firm, determined-looking, faithful;
-mltr, a. frank, out-spoken.
einarr, a. (1) single (einart ak) (2) firm, determined, reliable.
einart, adv. (1) incessantly; (2) straight, directly.
ein-bakar, pp. once-baked;
-bani, m. single-handed slayer;
-berni, n. only child;
-beygr, pp. sole, only (-beygr kostr);
-bjarga, a. indecl self-supporting, independent;
-breir, a. of a single breadth, half a yard broad (of stuff);
-bi, m. single dweller;
-bli, n. single household
-daga (a), v. to fix a day for a thing (eindaga f, ing, leigu, brullaup);
-dagi, m. a fixed time, term;
-drgr, a. incessant, continuous (gerum eim eindrgja hrina);
-dmi, n. (1) the right to be sole arbiter in a case; (2) an unexampled thing;
-eggjr, pp. one-edged;
-eii (= eiris eir), n. silence oath;
-eign, f. sole ownership;
-eygr, a. one-eyed;
-falda (a), v. to use in the singular; einfalda kall, to address with 'thou';
-faldleikr, m. simplicity;
-faldliga, adv. simply, singly;
-faldligleikr, m. = -fald-leikr.

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