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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


by force of arms, with might and main.
egg-bitinn, pp. cut, wounded by an edge;
-elningr, m. a scythe having an ell-long edge;
-farvegr, m. the print of an edge;
-hvass, a. sharp-edged, sharp (-hvast jrn).
eggja, (a), v. to incite, egg one on to do a thing (e. e-n e-s or til e-s or e-t); e. e-n fram, to urge one on; refl., lta at eggjast, to yield to another's egging on; e. upp e-n, to pick a quarrel with one, provoke one; recipr. to egg one another on (eggjuust n fast hvarirtveggju).
eggja-broddr, m. sharp-edged spike.
eggjan, f. egging on, goading.
eggjanar-ffl, n. fool, cat's paw;
-or, n. pl. inciting (egging) words.
eggjari, m. egger-on, inciter.
egg-leikr, m. poet. play with sharp weapons, battle;
-mr, a. poet. sword-smitten.
egg-skurn, f. eggshells
egg-steinn, m. sharp-edged stone;
-teinn, m. 'edge-twig', the steeled edge of a sword; sv at fal ba -teina sversins, so that both edges of the sword were hidden.
egg-t, f. egg-season;
-ver, n. 'eggfield' (a place where eggs of sea-birds are gathered).
egg-vlr, m. the steeled edge of an axe (hann snerpir eggvlinn).
Egipta-land, n. the land of Egypt.
egipzkr, a. Egyptian.
egna (-da, -dr), v. (1) to use as a bait, with dat. (e. oxahfi a ngul); (2) to furnish with a bait, to bait, with acc. (e. snru, net, gildru); (3) to bait for (e. aurria); e. veii, to set bait for the prey; (4) to incite, provoke.
ei, adv. (1) ever, = ey, ; ei ok ei, forever and ever; (2) not, = eigi (as 'aldri' for 'aldrigi').
ei, n. isthmus, neck of land (mjtt e.).
eia, f. poet. mother (rare).
eia-brigi, n. breach of oath;
-fullting, n. oath-help;
-kona, f. female compurgator;
, n. oath helpers, compurgators;
-ml, n. the matter of taking an oath.
ei-brir, m. a sworn confederate;
-bundinn, pp. oath-bound;
-fall, n. failing in one's oath;
-fra (-a, -r), v. to charge one with a thing by an oath;
-fring, -frsla, f. charging by an oath;
-frr, a. able, competent to take an oath;
-hjlp, n. oath-help;
-laust, adv. without an oath.
eir (-s, -ar), m. oath; vinna, sverja ei, to take (swear) an oath; rjfa ei, to break an oath; ganga til eia, to proceed to the taking of oaths; eigi verr einn eir alla, a single oath does not clear all men.
ei-rof, n. breach of an oath;
-rofi, m. violator of an oath, perjurer;
-spjall, n. taking of an oath; hla til -spjalls e-s, to listen to one's oath;
-stafr, m. oath-formula;
-svari, m. one bound by oath, liege-man;
-srr, a. that may be sworn to, absolutely true;
-unning, f. the taking of an oath;
-varr, a. cautious (conscientious) as to an oath;
-vtti, n. testimony on oath.
eiga (, tta, ttr), v. (1) to own, possess (Starkar tti hest gan); (2) to have (e. brn, fur, mur, vin); e. konu, to have her for wife; hann tti Gr, he was married to G.; hann gekk at e. ru, he took Th. for his wife, he married Th.; enga vil ek essa e., I will not marry any of these; e. heima, to have a home, to live (eir ttu heima austr Mrk); e. sr e-t = e. e-t (Hskuldr tti sr dttur, er Hallgerr ht); e. vn e-s, to have hope of a thing, to reckon upon; e. hlut at or e-u, to have a share in a thing, to be concerned in; e. vald e-u, to have within one's power; (3) to be under obligation, be obliged, have to do a thing; tlf menn, eir er fylg ttu me konungi, who were bound to attend the king's person; ek ar fyrir at sj, I am bound (I have) to see to that; tti Hrtr fr Vestfjoru, H. had to go to the V.; (4) to have a right (claim) to, be entitled to (e. hgg ok hfn skginum); e. ml e-m, to have a charge against one; e. rtt sr, to have a (personal) claim to redress;

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