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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-ligra, (1) doubtful; (2) hesitating, irresolute; (3) uncertain (efanligt er mannsins eli).
efa-samliga, adv. doubtfully;
-semd, f. (1) doubt (n -semd); (2) ambiguity (-semd andsvarsins);
-sk, f. doubtful case (in law).
efja, f. mud, ooze.
efla (-da, -dr), v. (1) to strengthen structurally, to reinforce (e. veggi); ltu eir e. at nju Danavirki, they restored the Danish wall; (2) to found, raise (e. sta, kirkju); e. her (li) hendr e-m, to raise troops against one; e. e-n, to support, aid (efldi Dofri hann san til rkis Noregi); e. e-n til rangs mls, to help one in an unjust cause; (3) to perform; e. heit, to make a vow; e. at brullaupi, to hold a wedding; (4) to be able (sem vr eflum ok orkum); (5) refl., eflast. to grow strong, (hann fann, at mtstumenn hans efldust) e. at her, to gather, raise troops; e. til rkis, to win a kingdom (by force of arms); poet., e. vi e-n, to marry into one's family, = mgjast.
ef-laust, adv. undoubtedly, without doubt (eflaust m hann at vita).
efling, f. (1) strengthening, increase in strength; (2) aid, support.
efna (-da, -dr), v. to perform, fulfil (e. or sn, stt, heit); refl., efnast, to turn out in a certain way (efndist at ok vel; at efnist opt illa).
efna (a), v. to prepare, make arrangements for a thing (e. til vetrsetu, veizlu kaupstaar).
efna-f, f., -leysi, n., -skortr, m. scarcity, want, or shortness of means.
efnd, f. fulfilment of a promise (raun mun eptir fara um efndir).
efni, n. (1) stuff, material (sv skildu eir, at allir hlutir vri smair af nkkuru efni); ek em grr af styrku efni, I am made of frail stuff; cf. biskups-, brar-, fgar-, konu-, konungs-, mgs-, manns-, mungts-, smar-efni; (2) matter of discourse, subject, theme (ryti mr fyrr stundin til frsagnar en efnit til umru) eigi me snnu e., with untrue statement, falsely; n er ti mitt e., now my story is at an end; (3) matter, affair (segir konungr fr llu essu e.); ftt er betr ltit en e. eru tl, few things are reported better than they really are; (4) cause, reason; ltast bir af vi e., both die from this cause; fyrir at e. (for that reason) keypti hann landit; (5) state, condition, affair; sagi, hver e. vru, he told how matters stood; ek veit eigi grla e. Gunnlaugs, how G.'s affairs stand; kominn vnt e., into a critical condition; ttalauss llu e., in every respect; er essi hlutr kom til efnis, when this came about; berr at til efnis, at, it happens that; (6) pl., means; ok bjuggust um eptir eim efnum, sem eir hfu til, according to their means; engi vru e. annars, ar vru engi e. nnur, there was no other chance or choice.
efni-ligr, a. hopefull, promising (efniligir menn); ekki efniligt, not advisable.
efning, f. keeping fulfilment, = efnd.
efni-tr, n. wood-materials, timber.
efri (older form fri), a. compar., efstr (older form fstr), a. superl., (1) upper, uppermost, opp. to 'neri, nestr'; bera efra skjld, to gain the victory; vera e-m e., to be superior to; hit efra, (a) high above ground (fara hit efra trjm sem apynjur ea kornar); (b) the upper or inland road, opp. to 'hit ytra', along the shore (sumir fru hit efra til rhyrningshlsa); by land, opp. to the sea; (c) of the inner part of a building, opposed to 'hit fremra' or the part nearest the door (konungr settist hsti ok alskipat var hit efra ok hit fremra); (2) latter, last; etta var inn efra hlut sumars, towards the end of summer; efra aldri, advanced in years; efsti dmr, the last judgement; efsta vika langafstu, the last week of Lent, Passion Week.
Egir, m. pl. the inhabitants of Agir, a 'fylki' in Norway.
egskr, a. from Agir.
egg (gen. pl. eggja), n. egg.
egg (gen. -jar, dat. -ju; pl. -jar), f. edge; eya (verja) oddi ok eggju,

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