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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


ebreska, f. the Hebrew language.
ebreskr, a. Hebraic (ebresk tunga).
ea or er, conj., (1) or; fyrr ea siar, sooner or later; annathvrt ... ea, either..... or ; hvrt . . . ea, whether (if)... or; hvart er . . . ea, whether ... or; (2) in comparison of two unlike things, and (mikinn mun eigum vr at gera in ea annarra heimamanna); (3) after a comparative, and perhaps (ek em eigi verri riddari en S. konungr, ea nkkuru betri); (4) introducing a question, but (ek beiti Augisl, -- ea ertu H. vandraskld?) ; (5) sometimes after a negation, = n, nor (eir munu hvrki fyrir sj f snu ea fjrvi).
edda, f. (1) great-grandmother; (2) the name of the book Edda, written by Snorri Sturluson, c. 1220.
edik, n. vinegar.
ela, f. adder, viper, = eyla.
eli (in old MSS. written li), n. (1) nature ; manns e., mannligt e., human nature; arnar e., the eagle's nature ; at er mti nttrligu e., it is against the order of nature; (2) origin, extraction (hann var valskr at tt ok e.) ; (3) ftus (tti henni kviknat hafa e. sitt).
eli-borinn, pp. born in wedlock.
elis-lg, n. pl. law of nature
-skapan, -skepna, f. natural condition or quality;
-skynsemd, f. native intelligence.
el-vina, f. friend of vipers (dub.).
er, conj., see 'ea'.
ef (older form: if), conj. (1) if, in case (aldri hefir borgina komit, ef ek hefa vitat) ; in poetry generally with subj.; vega gakk, ef vreir sir (sr), if thou be wroth ; (2) = hvrt, if, whether (Egill spuri, ef hann vildi upp r grfinni) ; (3) as a relat. part., s ef=s er (rare).
ef or if, n. doubt; ef er e-u, it is doubtful; ekki er til efs, at, it cannot be doubted that; tan ef, without doubt.
efa or ifa (a), v. to doubt (engi efar at); e. um e-t, to doubt about a thing; refl., efast e-u, to hesitate in, be in doubt; e. um e-t = efa um e-t ; with gen., e. e-s, to change one's mind in a matter.
efa-samligr, a. doubtful;
-semd, f. doubtfulness, uncertainty.
efa-lausliga, adv. without doubt;
-lauss, a. indubitable, certain;        
-laust, adv. without doubt, certainly.
efan, f. doubt, doubting.
efanar-lauss, a. undoubted;
-laust, adv. undoubtedly, indubitably.
efan-leikr, m. doubtfulness; -leikr sagnar, ambiguity of expression;

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