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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


ok digr sem d.); (2) one of the short pillars which support the beams and rafters in a house; (3) some kind of ornament (? a brooch) in a lady's dress (sat ar kona . . . dkr var hlsi, dvergar xlum).
dvina (-a), v. to dwindie, cease, subside (dvinar roti jtanda hafs); d. munda ek lta ferina, I would let the journey drop; skjum til borgarinnar ok geri eigi at d. vi, do not saunter.
(gen. dvalar, pl. dvalar or dvalir), f. (1) short stay, stop; delay; eiga skamma dvl, to make a short stay; mean essi d. (pause) var bera til dvala, to cause delay; (2) in prosody, quantity
dvol, n. pl. delay; sv at engi skulu d. vera, without delay; uru d. dgra, her life was prolonged.
dyblissa, dybliza, f. dungeon, myrkvastofa.
dyg, f. (1) probity, faithfulness: li ok d. (help and faithful service) gs drengs; tra em til dygar um et, to trust in one's integrity; (2) virtue, virtuous deed (fyirir vlkar dygir veitti g honum sna miskunn); (3) help (bii hann veita yr d.) (4) virtue, good quality (at tr hefir fjrar dygir, fyrstu, at at kann eigi fna).
dygar-dmi, n. an instant of virtuous action;
-lauss, a. (1) devoid of virtues (-laus grs); (2) wicked (var hann sv -lauss, at)
-leysi, n. faithlessness, wickedness;
-mar, m. trusty man;
-verk, n. virtuous action;
-jnasta, f. efficacious, faithful service.
dygugr, a. (1) faithful, trusty (d. mar); (2) efficacious (dygugt oleum).
dyggi-liga, adv. (1) faithfully (var veita et liga); (2) thoroughly (liga urr);
-ligr, a. faithful, honest (lig jnosta).
dygg-leikr, m. faithfulness, probity.
dygg-liga, adv. = dyggiliga.
(accus. dyggvan, rarely dyggan), a. faithful, trusty; dyggvar drttir, worthy, good people.
dykr (pl. dykir), m. a crashing noise; var af v d. mikill, it gave a great crash.
dylgjur, f. pl. suppressed enmity (vru dylgjur miklar me eim).
dylja (dyl; dulda; duldr, dulir, dulinn), v. (1) to keep (one) in ignorance of a thing. d. en es (eigi skalt at gera at d. ik sjlfan sanninda); d. es, to conceal, deny, disavow, rir dylr ess ekki, Thor does not deny it; Eysteinn duldi eirra ora fyrir sik, E. professed that he had never said any stuch thing; allir duldu, at n eitt vissi til Hrapps, all pretended ignorance about Hrapp; vera, ganga, duldr (dulir, dulinn) es, to be unaware of, to be kept in ignorance of (hefir hon verit alls essa duld; veit engi tt mna ok ganga ess allir duldir); duli (dulin) ertu, Hyndla, H., thou art mistaken (deceived); dulir (dulinn) at em, mistaken about one; (2) refl., dyljast, to conceal (hide) oneself; at at s flugumenn ok vili d. (disguise themselves) undir munka bnai; d. eu, to conceal a thing from oneself, be ignorant of = ganga duldr es (Eirkr konungr arf n ekki at d. v, at); d. vi e-t, to refuse to acknowledge, to ignore; trit essu eigi, mean r megit d., as long as you can ignore it, till you get full evidence; en Sveinn duldist vi at, but S. shrank from believing it.
dylminn, a. careless, indifferent.
dymbil-dagar, m. pl. the three days before Easter.
dymbildaga-vika, f. Holy Week, Passion Week.
dyn-bjalla, f. a tinkling bell.
dyngja, f. a lady's bower (brrin sat dyngju sinni uni daginn).
dyngju-veggr, m. the wall of a dyngja.
dynja (dyn, dunda, dunit), v. (1) to boom, resound (fram rei inn, foldvegr dundi); (2) to gush, shower, pour; bl dynr r srum e-s, blood gushes out of his wounds; dundi kaft regn r lopti, the rain poured down in streams; dundu (or eim)

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