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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


vpnin, spjtin, the weapons (spears) showered upon them.
dynkr, m. = dykr, dynr.
dynr (pl. -ir), f. din, noise, clattering of hoofs (riu eir heim mikinn dyn tnit eptir hrum velli); engi d. verr af hlaupi kattarins, noiseless are the cat's steps; gera sem mestan dyn, to make the greatest noise; koma em dyn fyrir dyrr, to make a din before one's doors, take one by surprise.
dyn-skot, n. a noisy but harmless shot (ek mun skjta dynskot).
dyntr, m. = dykr, dynr.
dyr, n. pl. = dyrr f. pl.
dyrgja (-a, -r) v. to take (fish) with a handline (d. fiska).
dyrgja, f. dwarf woman.
dyri-gtti, n. doorframe;
-stafr, m. doorpost.
dyrr (gen. dura), f. pl. door opening, doorway (Oddr hljp t or durunum).
dys (-jar, -jar), f. cairn.
dysja (-a), v. to bury in a cairn.
dyttr, m. dint, a nickname.
dý, n. quaking bog, quagmire.
dfa (-a, -t), v. to dip (d. e-m vatn).
dja (d, da, dit), v. to shake; d. drr, spjt, to shake the spears to fight; skr nam at d., he shook (tossed) his locks.
dna, f. down-bed, feather-bed, pillow or bolster filled with down.
dpt, f. depth.
dr, n. (1) animal, beast, quadruped, opp. to birds and reptiles (skapari manna, fugla ok dra ok skrikykvenda); (2) wild beast; deer (renna hundum at drum, reisa dr).
dra-garr, m. (1) enclosure to catch wild beasts; (2) a yard with wild beasts;
-grf, f. a pit to catch wild beasts;
-hold, n., -kjt, n. flesh of animals;
-leit, f. search for game;
-rdd, f. voice of beasts;
-skinn, n. skin of wild beasts;
-veir, f. deerhunting, (fara draveii, vera at draveium).
dr-bit, n. biting of lambs (sheep) by foxes (eigi var bnda mein at biti san).
dr, f. glory (himnarkis d.).
drar-dagr, m. day of. glory, feast;
-fullr, a. full of glory;
-hs, n. house of glory;
-konungr, m. the King of Glory (Christ);
-krna, f. crown of glory;
-lf, n. life of glory;
-mar, m. a glorious man, saint;
-samliga, adv. gloriously;
-samr, a. glorious;
-star, m. a glorious place;
-sngr, m. song of glory, hymn;
-verk, n. glorious work.
dr-gildr, a. dearly paid for;
-goldinn, pp. = gildr; skal r at -goldit vera, thou shalt pay dearly for that;
-gripr, m. a thing of great value, a treasure.
dr-hundr, m. deer-hound, fox-hound.
drka (a), v. (1) to exalt, glorify (gu drkai son sinn); (2) to celebrate (d. enna dag); d. ht e-s = halda ht es; (3) to worship (far me mr at d. drttin gu inn); to pray one reverentially (kastar hn sr fram glfit fyrir ftr konungi ok drkai hann); refl., drkast, to magnify oneself, to glory; s er drkast, drkist hann me gui, he that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord.
drkan, f. (1) adoration, worship (veita goum d.); (2) glorifying (d. andar ok lkama);
-ligr, a. glorious.
dr-klfr, m. deer-calf;
dr-keyptr, pp. dearly bought;
-lagr, pp. dearly rated;
-leikr, m. dearness;
-ligr, a. glorious (-ligr klnar, -lig veizla);
-lingr, m. holy man, saint;
-mtr, a. precious.
drr (drri, drstr), a. (1) high priced, dear; ek met hana drra en arar, I put her at a higher price than the rest; (2) precious, costly (skjldinn ann inn dra); drar hallir, costly halls; inn dri mjr, the goodly mead; inn dri httr, artificial metre; (3) of high worth, worthy (in dra drttning, Mara); skatna drstr, the best of men; Jn Aaron Myer, er drstr (noblest, worthiest) mar er landi essu.
drs-belgr, m. beast's skin;
-horn, n. an oxhorn, esp. a drinking-horn;
-hfu, n. head of a deer.
dr-skinn, n. deerskin.

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